INFERIORITY COMPLEX AS BIG CHALLENGE TO MANY. We all fall in the trap of comparison wherein we inevitably compare ourselves with others. This comparison does more harm to us than good. This does not mean we stop looking up to others. But there is a difference between learning from others and simply comparing yourself with them and then feeling, I wish i was like him/her!

This comparison is the main cause of inferiority complex. We compare ourselves with our neighbors, colleagues, batch mates, celebrities, siblings and with strangers too!

It is better to be specific than generally feeling low. Narrow it down to a specific type first. Do you feel inferior to rich people, educated people, good looking people, famous people? First find out your category of inferiority. I had the weird complex with people who had a trendy, contemporary dressing style!

Do you know that your thinking matters, Eleanor Roosevelt said, ‘no one can make you feel inferior without your permission and she said it so right. It is us who feel inferior and if we change our thinking, everything about us change.

There is a difference in being inferior and feeling inferior. Being inferior is simply a game of relativity. But not everyone feels inferior.

If we lay more emphasis on what others think about us, we attract more problems in life. This is our life and only our opinion should matter. Finding faults in ourselves based on whether others find us good enough or not is not going to help anybody. It becomes dangerous when we may actually be better than others but somehow feel worse than them

Chuck that habit of taking others judgements about you seriously and then feeling low.

Do you know loving yourself is not being selfish? It is talking care of the only gift you have on earth. The one thumb rule for a happy life is learning to love oneself. I am totally in love to myself, so much so that many of my friends call me a narcissist. No doubt, earlier i was not too confident of my grammar in speech sense but slowly, i overcome that guilt as well. And discover that many things i do feel inferior that i don’t know, i know it but inferiority will not let me. Not that i am perfect as no one is perfect. Now, i love myself just the way i am.

We would never even find the need of comparing ourselves with others if we are satisfied with our “self”. Loving oneself is the first step to achieve confidence and that sets the path for high self-esteem.

Stop wanting to be some one else. Just be yourself and create your own identity. Someone probably sometime told you that you were not good enough and you have been carrying that luggage even today! Drop it right now. I threw it off and i am much lighter and better and happier.

Do you know that positivity produces more energy? It is very important to be in company of people who are very positive in nature. If you are surrounded by people who spend half of their time in analyzing others and judging them, probably you would get influenced too. And they will convert you to who they are.

Be with people who like others the way they are. Seek positive company. In a good company and with people who gladly accept you as you are, you would grow up to be more confident of yourselves. 

Finally, your confidence should not depend on others. It should exude from within. From Motivational Speaker, DivineRoyalty.

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