It’s not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for. by “Robert Kiyosaki”


What is the cause of wasting money? What do you waste money on? And Here are some common money wasters that people greatly regret.


There is a lot of ways to waste money, but all draw it’s power from “EGO” you can call it bad habit but i call it ego. Ego is one of the biggest weapons that is used to take us down. It’s self-destructive. It’s a problem on all levels.


What is ego? Self is an anthropological word ego. Anthropology is a study of mankind, anthropology says that man is a conscious being and his consciousness make him to have self confidence which place him higher than any other animal. Self comes by desire and desire comes by what you see. You can not desire what you do not see. “The eyes is like a camera, when you Snape, you save in your memory, (conscious mind) it is a question of time, you will begin to print out what you have saved in your memory. And that is why our first perent Adam and Eve saw the tree of knowledge of good and evil, they desire to eat it. When desire is settled in a person, the person will become conscious desiring person, self desiring centered or ego centric. When these desires or egotisms get out of control or proportion in a person, it will led to wastage. Herod because of his ego, he can not resist the promise he made to herodias before the crowd. The Prodigal son was not wasting money before until he brake out with ego and travel to the country of wasters.


Useless Parties


It has become a culture in Africa that everything has been converted into parties, looking for a away to grab money from waster and refusing to cut your cote according to your cloth, that is why the party holster becomes angry over some of the people he invite that do not attend due to he or she has a target. Committee of friends before the wedding for found raising, naming ceremony, birthday party, anniversary, dead person memoria, big time wedding ceremony that will lead into depth, and stave the wedded after which, So all this strategies is to grab money without effort. But the value of money is your effort or the price you pay before getting not just people dashing you money. That is why those who engage in rubbery didn’t succeed out of it because if don’t through process you will not make sense. If doubt me, ask those who buy certificate with money., it was counted that approximately all citizens of Lagos spend N40 billion for parties. And often there is no sense in them. Usually these parties even don’t add some value either to guests and hosts.


Money sprayed Wastage in the party as “A show of who I am”.

Among the money sprayers, there are different levels. And there are different styles. But it’s all about the same thing, enjoying the company of who we are celebrating with and also showing the world how much money we can spend on them. Everybody, from the low to the high, wants to be able to ‘spray money’. Hence at any typical session, apart from the truly high powered parties, you would see denominations from fives, tens, twenties etc all the way to the one thousand naira bill according to where i come from. Then comes those who prefer to spray in foreign currencies and even those are in different levels. 1 dollar bills to 100. Africans, by nature are flamboyant people. The colours, the hairdo, the robes, the head tie, the size of the party, the number of people invited. It all points to the same thing. Let everyone know who we are!!! So spraying money is a natural consequence of all of that, but what i say is, “where there is no vision, people sprayed money anyhow”.


When you arrive in Dubai airport or in the mall, you see some people with suite giving you offer on how to take you around with boot cruise, to the tallest building in world, dancing fountain etc. When you succumb, they are ready to keep calling you until you come to their office, and they will brainwash and persuade you to buy one of the property as they claim to be, of which those succumb has not retrieve their money or seen any property. And those people don’t go to white people, only the blacks, because they sees you as the people that has money and don’t know what to do with it, otherwise- wasters.


Funeral Money Wastage.


Africa spend or waste a lot in funerals and burial ceremonies. They are expected to host and feed extended relatives who visit from all over the country and can stay for days. Other costs include slaughtering a cow or a goat to honor the dead, renting hearse tents and arranging transportation to the burial ground for mourners.

“In many areas, a lot of people spend a lot of money on funerals. Sometimes, it’s out of choice for reasons of status, but other times, it’s simply out of the social pressure, and it is certainly putting burdens on people when they don’t have a lot of money.. funeral expenses leave surviving family members vulnerable to future hardship, with spending on items such as food and clothes significantly lower following the funeral. Children in households that experienced a death are also less likely to be enrolled in school, while adults are much more likely to report problems such as symptoms of depression and periods of anxiety. “The costs of food are enormous. The coffins are extremely expensive, A family might spend as much money on a coffin as they will spend on their children’s school fees for all of the period that their children are at school.


Distract Yourself


Some bad habits are hard to break especially if you’ve been doing it for all your life. Whenever you feel like going back to your bad habit distract yourself by doing something else to replace it. For example, smokers chew gum instead of smoke. For other bad habits you can take on a new hobby that will keep your mind off what you usually do. Keep yourself busy and preoccupied that you will begin to forget your bad habit.


Brands and labels addiction


Some people are to addicted on brands and labels. But sometimes you can save more than 80% on some product if you chose something less known. And furthermore, you will get the same or even better quality.  It also concerns some grocery stores and supermarkets. The prices on some goods there might be different. A great man said, bad habit is like a flat tire, you cannot move unless you change it.


Paying for (ashebi) medies over what you would wear only once


If wedding and traditional marriage can hold without it, i see it as extravagance, It is a great problem for families who don`t have a lot of money but want to impress their friends and relatives and people. So they waste money of some clothes elements they would wear only one time.


Having a lot of cars


Once your car is taken from a show room it loses nearly 20% of its value. One or two car is needed, but a whole bunch of them is truly unnecessary. It drains a lot of money on tech support, insurance,  licensing from you. In Dubai here, every car must be insured, when the car get an accident, the come and cheek the value before whatever.


Borrowing money


Stop lending. You should remember one rule – never lend a sum of money you can`t forget about. Of course it doesn`t concern your closest relatives and best friends. But all of us have someone who are always asking for some money.


Every time you borrow money, you’re robbing your future self. by “Nathan W. Morris”


Yes because on creadit is eating your tomorrow.


Having a girl friend


It is difficult for a man to except that his girlfriend is consuming his money until he fall into bankrupt, if truly you love that girl, take her home as wife and invest in her. Sex is good but only in marriage.


Brands and labels addiction


Some people are to addicted on brands and labels. But sometimes you can save more than 80% on some product if you chose something less known. And furthermore, you will get the same or even better quality.  It also concerns some grocery stores and supermarkets. The prices on some goods there might be different.


Recognize the bad habit


The first step to breaking bad habits is to admit to yourself that you have a problem. Recognize the bad habit and make the decision to do something about it. Make a list of reasons why you have to quit and always remind yourself of these reasons.


Make this list visible all the time. Post in in your room. Put it in your planner or cell phone so you will not forget why you want to quit. Bad habits usually come from the influence brought about by the environment you are in. The people around you will also affect your behavior. Recognize the things that cause your bad habit. In ethics, environment can condition someone to start behaving to way he or she ought not to.

From Motivational Speaker, Divine-Royalty


If there is any other point you think i omit, you can send it or drop you comment. Success will be you good friend.

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  1. Great article. I learnt a lot from this. My own problem is giving out up to the last dine. Is that wastage too? Giving until you have nothing?

    • In the law of giving it must be willingly without groggies. But Jesus said. You must know who to give

      Matthew 7:6 Don’t waste what is holy on people who are unholy. Don’t throw your pearls to pigs! They will trample the pearls, then turn and attack you…

      How can you be giving your money to lazy people. They will wast it and come back for more and if you fail to give you have become enemy. Besides, no one will want to plant where it does not bear fruit physically or spiritually. You must learn when you are inspired to do something and when you are doing it out of ego. It’s two different thing.

      Success will remain your good friend.

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