UNFORGIVENESS IS LIKE A CHAIN AND ONLY YOU CAN BRAKE IT. Welcome to Divine-Royalty fearless motivation and nuggets of Wisdom. Where there is no information to transform, people get deform. many people in our world today are standing in the alter of prayer blaming the world around them, clenching the fix of their heart over what yesterday who has come and gone and left them forever has brought into their life, yet they still hold unto it strongly and leady to die with it. It is very difficult to reach where you are going no matter how hard you try if you keep yourself in the chain of un-forgiveness. The chain will keep drawing you back but if you remove the chain you will free your movement to reach where you are going. It is under common sense and spiritual law.


The Lord then goes on to tell a story to illustrate the devastating consequences of an unforgiving spirit.


He tells of a servant who owed his master an incredible amount of money. But he made an appeal and the master forgive him and released him from his debt. A second servant owed the first servant a few pennies in comparison, but the first servant – who had been forgiven so much – refused to forgive his fellow servant. When his master heard about this unmerciful servant, Matthew 18:34 says, “And his lord was wroth, and delivered him to the tormentors, till he should pay all that was due unto him.”

Now normally Jesus never made application to His parables; but in this instance He wanted to make sure we understand the importance of this truth. He says in verse 35, “So likewise shall my heavenly Father do also unto you, if ye from your hearts forgive not every one his brother their trespasses.


Many people hang on to stubborn resistance just as Pharaoh did in the days of Moses. Moses went to Pharaoh and asked to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. Pharaoh resisted with entrenched stubbornness. So God sent plagues on Pharaoh’s nation to turn his thinking around. Now, if I had been Pharaoh, I might have resisted Moses’ request to let my slaves just walk out of my country. But after the gnats, it would not have been a problem at all. If not the gnats, the flies surely would have turned my heart. One fly is enough for me. I know where those dirty, hairy little legs have been. But the gnats and flies were not enough to break through Pharaoh’s stubborn resistance. Nor were painful, infectious boils. He remained stubborn until Egypt was utterly devastated. But still he stubbornly resisted, finally to his own undoing.


Identify Your Blind Spots: We do the same thing. We become kings of stubborn resistance in our own little worlds. We develop habits and hang-ups we will not even think of releasing. We hurt ourselves and those around us, allowing boils to fester in almost every area of our lives. Rather than looking for a way to remove these blind spots, we deny we have a problem.


I have power i can fight every where and cover it up, i am smart i can intimidate him/her and get away. That one is given the worst.


God said, i cannot answer the prayer of un-forgiving person. It is all about prayer and fulfilling of your destiny. Stop building a wall, it can hinder you to get where you are going, start building a bridge,  it will help you to cross over and get where you are going. By the way can you show me a road going to yesterday. Yesterday has come gone and left forever but you are still holding unto it, isn’t your ignorant?


I have a story of a man who is very sarcastic and hardly say i am sorry or forgive people. He is very educated but lack knowledge of God. His life was traced Among the people in his community, he is the poorest, not because he is not trying hard like others, but the yoke of unforgiveness.


The package of blessing you are praying for, the chain holden you that you are tell God to break is in the street called Love and forgiveness. But as long as you keep holding the chain of un-forgiveness, the chain will keep pulling you back.


I know that they are the one, i know he is the one and i know she is the one who wronged you, i know you want to maintain your pride, your standard and your integrity, that is the problem! But you don’t have to mimic the way of the world. Don’t do it in worldly way. Do you not know that there is power you possess by the grace of God through Jesus Christ?. That is what makes you extraordinary. He was humiliated, irrigated and insulted but later glorified above all, yet, at the cross he forgave all.


In his resurrection he said, go and tell my disciples and peter. Imagine Peter his best friend, his closest associate who denied him three times before the cock crew.


The highest gift one can give to somebody is not a car, it is not a house or any other thing that you can imagine, but forgiveness. I may not have power to work miracle, i may not have power to heal the sick, or to raise the dead, but if have the power to love and forgive, that is the greatest power. And that is how to break the chain of unforgiveness, which you have to do yourself.


I advise you now to stop your bunch of praying and take a step. Never neglect principle when you pray, do your own part and God will do his part. Pick up your phone now and call for reconciliation, or Go to the person that you have offended you even if he/she/they are wrong reconcile.


But remember there are some reconciliation that you can’t do on phone, but try hard to get it done and i bet you. Your enemies will be turn into friends.


A young man was at the end of his training, soon he would go on to be a teacher. Like all good pupils, he needed to challenge his teacher and to develop his own way of thinking. He caught a bird, placed it in one hand and went to see his teacher. Teacher, is this bird alive or dead?


His plan was the following: if his teacher said ‘dead’, he would open his hand and the bird would fly away. If the answer was ‘alive’, he would crush the bird between his fingers; that way the teacher would be wrong whichever answer he gave. ‘Teacher, is the bird alive or dead?’ he asked again. ‘My dear student, that depends on you,’ was the teacher’s reply. The fate of that little bird rested in the hands of that young man just as the destiny of your soul rest in your own hands.


God does not determine where you will spend eternity, that choice is made by you. To accept Christ as Savior or to reject Him is totally up to you.

I encourage to accept Christ Jesus as your Lord and Savior. It’s well with you.


From: Motivational Speaker, Divine-Royalty.

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I am Kingsley UcheChukwu Vincent, the author of the book, Rise Above Discouragement. I am an Inspirational and Motivational Speaker, a writer and a servant of The Most High God. I am passionate about transforming individuals through my writing and speech. I hold a strong belief that reformation and transformation of society can only become a reality in the presence of life changing informations: where there is no such information people get deformed. Do follow my blog by E-mail to get my posts right in your inbox.


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