CONVERT YOUR WISHES TO ACTION!, STOP WISHING! MAKE IT HAPPEN! (fearless motivation) Welcome to Divine-Royalty nuggets of Wisdom, Where there is no inspiration to aspire, people expire. This month, i wish you the richest in hole world is the action, i wish you success in your exam (hard reading) I heard an airplane passing overhead. I wished I was on it. I wish i have my own house, how i wish i have a car, it would have be of a better to me, i wish i can pray, preach or sing like him. I wish i have a business that can employ one thousand people. I wish i can excises and keep my shape and fit okay. Stop wishing! challenge all your wishes and make it happen. Don’t confuse wishes with taking action because action express priorities. Your future depend on what you do today! Better convert your wishes to the decimal point of bringing it to reality now!.


I have a story of young man that is wishing that one day, his Uncle who lives in overseas will come and take him along with him. he keep on staying and wishing without doing anything tangible with his life, he keep wishing until he became almost old before he challenge things on his own and bring the traveling into reality. And Thank God he succeeded and he is now doing better.


You can dream about your goals all you want, but you won’t ever reach them if you don’t do anything to achieve them! Start today with one small step, like completing just 30 minutes of exercise.


To grant all a man’s wishes is to take away his dreams and ambitions. It is to pamper you to live a life without meaning. (Comfort)  Life is only worth living if you have something to strive for. The value of everything you got is the price you pay before getting, don’t be addicted to free things, people can buy you. Champions have their own choice and it is always different from the choice of others.


I was opportune to come across  a daughter of a minister (those sharing our national cake in the government) where her car stopped her on the (rough swamped area) and she don’t even know that the car she was riding is a Permanent four wheel drive, which is known as full time four wheel drive or simply four wheel drive, which powers all four wheels at all times. It is acceptable for all surfaces, and performs well on off road conditions. This Vehicles deemed as 4×4 usually offer two settings, high and low, depending on the driving situation. The high setting is the basic, everyday driving setting, which is perfect for paved roads. For situations where more torque is required, the low setting can be chosen to provide more power to the wheels. This significantly slows the vehicle down however, so is best used to navigate through rough terrain. So, to give you all the whishes you want is to make you ignorant of what you supposed to know or learn when you strive to get it yourself.



Many of us jam-pack so much stuff into our daily routines, seemingly there’s no time to relax for just thirty  minute, let alone exercise. Lack of time is one of the most common excuses for not having a decent fitness regimen. But do you realize that in the time it might take you to go through your Facebook, you could fit in a good workout? We’re not talking about giving up hours, all you need is 30.


Just 30 minute?: Forget the “all or nothing” mentality when it comes to exercise. Fitness does not live or die by hours workouts; there is middle ground. Short spurts of exercise, when they accumulate, have been shown to share similar benefits of longer workouts.


Your body will reap numerous benefits just by becoming more active. This approach is perfect for times when you don’t have time for a regular workout, or when you want to start off slowly and build up a routine.



Easier Than You Think: Treat these 30 minutes like you would a regular workout. Take one to two minutes to warm up and get the muscles ready, including stretching. Follow with at least seven minutes of exercise at a medium or high intensity. Then make sure to include a 60-second cool down.


Since it’s brief, it’s important to work at a fairly high intensity to obtain all of the benefits. Work at raising your heart and respiration rates. Just like regular workouts, try to include cardio, strength training and flexibility work in your shortened routine. Either knock out all three during the 30 minutes, or plan a 30-minute segment for each area.


Example: Push out 10 cardio minutes on the stationary bike. For strength, do push-ups, wall sits, or lift dumbbells. For flexibility, it’s helpful to just stretch every day. Work different muscle groups and keep it simple. After 30 minutes, you will feel healthier and be on your way to developing solid fitness habits.


But I Still Don’t Have Time: It only takes 30 minutes a day, broken up into manageable chunks of 30. Start with a quick exercise when you wake up. The second session? A lunch break is possibly the perfect time to re-energize and get the blood flowing again. The last 30-minute blitz could come in the evening, even while you are watching TV. It’s an ideal way to involve the family as well. Go for a power walk after dinner with your spouse or ride bikes with the kids.


It is all about convenience; if you try, you can fit exercise into your schedule no matter where you are. Do it at home or at work, outside or in the living room. Start building exercise spurts into your daily routine and you’ll start feeling better.


I was not doing it before until i went to a job that we stand up 8hours everyday for 2weeks, i saw and an elderly man who stand without shaking while i am going down, then i ask him what his secret are?, he told me that runs in the gym every evening. Then it motivates me to start


When i newly started, i almost run away but a persistence will win, believe me, i am now flowing on it now.


Many married coups are now managing themselves. The real love are no longer flowing because of inability to maintain themselves through fitness “i love you honey” is no where to be found. Change things to happen now and stop wishing.


From: Motivational Speaker DivineRoyalty

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