FASTING ENHANCES YOUR CAPACITY TO RECEIVE SPIRITUAL THINGS. Welcome to Divine-Royalty fearless motivation. Where there is no motivation, people become king in there comfort zone. As stone or iron sharpens knife, so is fasting sharpens your spiritual life. If you most know, there is prize for everything, that is if you desire greatness. Many great men and women has achieved many exploit through fasting. It is not only prayer. A person who can fast appear smart in self discipline. Have you wonder why some people look to be more anointed when they speak and they speak powerful, there is a price for it. How far do you want to know God and understand the kingdom. One day fasting is missing meal not fasting. Christ fasted 40days, Moses fasted 40days, Elijah fasted 40days, go and check there history.

You can’t get something done without fasting. The disciples love Jesus, the followed Him, know the word and obey the bible His word, still can’t cast demon out.

They prayed, just like you do, and said to the demon, come out in Jesus name! They said no, i am not coming because i am different kind of demon. I need more than what you are doing and the demon never left. But Jesus the Christ was coming down from the mountain and meet them. What is going on, the hole city was confuse – A man said i brought my boy to you and your boys couldn’t cast the demon out


And Christ didn’t cast the demon immediately, first He turn to them and said, how long will i be with you.


There are some things you want God to do for you but you don’t want to pay the price!

Many think i have come to force fasting on them, that is why when they are fasting, they think that they will die and they went and eat secretly. No you will not die, and if you can’t overcome the power of your stomach, how can you overcome the power of demon?


Jesus said, bring the boy, just one word and he cast the demon out. They are publicly ashamed, quited and unable to talk.


One evening as they were eating, Peter pick courage and ask why they couldn’t cast out the demon? Jesus answer, except by prayer, which you are doing and FASTING.


Listen to me! Fasting increases you capacity to receive spiritual things. Food is like pressing yourself down but fasting is like cleansing every distraction and completely open to God. Make it a decision because if you want to be great, you behave like one and that when God can entrust you with his Government.


When God entrust you with His government, He want you to be fully in-charge like Him, but it unfortunate that many believers these days is eating themselves to death! By the way, fasting keep you more fit, heathy and blood clean, and give you benefit of obeying God.


Fasting is putting away things you find pleasured, for the sake of God. It shows God how you acknowledge Him by putting those things out for Him to come in the more.


None solid food fasting is the greatest of fasting because you are denying yourself the greatest thing you pleasure on earth. It lies from discipline the physical apatite for the subjection of the body for the spiritual desires. You actually increase your control over your life.


You are a spirit but you are living in the body! Most of time our body control the spirit and when it do, abuse becomes the ways of life.


Fasting makes our body to subject to the Lord, instead of master to your spirit. Fasting time should be spend in prayer and Bible study!


Fasting will save you so much time, “the time you should have spend thinking for food and eating, No distraction! You spend time thinking about what you are going to eat. Going to buy it, cooking it, cleansing the kitchen, instead of spending those time with food, you will save to spend with God and intimacy begins to develop.


The temperature in your body is 89dc, avoid putting your drinks in refrigerator and you are going to enjoy it, tea is better than juice and drink more water for more cleansing, toileting and avoid mouth odors. Whenever gas reduces, it cause acidic reaction in the body, so drink more water.


Moreover, it is called fasting and prayer not staving yourself. When you  Pray more, you will notice Divine supply of energy and those who are praying in fasting will understand what i mean. But if you keep staving yourself in the name of fasting, you may attract stomach ulcer.


Stomach ulcers are sores in the lining of the stomach or small intestine. They occur when the protective mucus that lines the stomach becomes ineffective.

The stomach produces a strong acid to help digest food and protect against microbes. To protect the body’s tissues from this acid, it also secretes a thick layer of mucus.


If the mucus layer is worn away and stops functioning effectively, the acid can damage the stomach tissue, causing an ulcer. So, pray and read your bible when fasting. Shalom


From: A Motivational Speaker. Divine-Royalty


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