LOVE IS A MUST BUT RELATIONSHIP IS A CHOICE. Welcome to Divine-Royalty fearless motivation. Where their is no motivation people become king in their comfort zone and action is neglected! How can a pilot and a captain work together? Their directions are not the same. The direction of a pilot is in crowd (air) and the direction of a captain is in sea. Just because you have history with somebody doesn’t mean you have future with that person.


If you know that you are going somewhere in life, If you know that you are a child of destiny, be careful of who you associated with because you are not far with the kind of friends you keep. Choosing friends is like choosing your destiny.


Amos 3:3 can two work together without agree on one thing? The people in your life will either hate you or love you, exhaust you or exalt you, Drain you or develop you, help you or hinder you.


Anybody that is not making you better but bitter, let them go. Anybody that is exhausting you not exalting, let them go. Anybody that is a Borden not a blessing, let them go! All the naysayers, delete them. If you don’t delete them, they delete you and your destiny!


No matter what history you have with anybody, your DESTINY is greater than that history. You future is greater than your past. Even in social media, like Facebook, it is not everybody you will accept their request, you are the CEO of yourself, you have the right to invite, delete, and terminate.


Anybody that is not adding value to your life, because we have two kinds of people. We have Wasters and Investors.


When wrong people full your life, wrong thing will being to happen, there are a lot of people that is going through mess as a result of wrong people that is surrounding their life. They convince you, confuse you and convert you to whom they are.


When toxic people leave your life, toxic things stop happening. Wrong people, will kill your joy, kill your passion, kill your dream and your faith.


Are you a person of high character? Do you hunger to be great? Champions are born with inborn passion! It is time to stand up to be man/woman enough.

From: Motivational Speaker. Divine-Royalty.

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I am Kingsley UcheChukwu Vincent, the author of the book, Rise Above Discouragement. I am an Inspirational and Motivational Speaker, a writer and a servant of The Most High God. I am passionate about transforming individuals through my writing and speech. I hold a strong belief that reformation and transformation of society can only become a reality in the presence of life changing informations: where there is no such information people get deformed. Do follow my blog by E-mail to get my posts right in your inbox.


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