I WILL ALWAYS HUNGER AND DESIRE FOR MORE. Welcome to Divine-Royalty fearless motivation, where there is no motivation, champions settles as king in autonomous community.


You are not a local champion, you are a global champion. That is why you are the salt of the earth and light of the world according to Matthew 5:13-16. This two things are used globally, and it continues, A city set on a hill cannot be hid. Let your light so shine before men (which means work it out).

Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek.


All greatness starts from desire, Our appetites dictate the direction of our lives but zeal without knowledge is like a sword in a madman’s hand!


The law of attraction (LOA) stated that the results of positive thoughts are always positive consequences. The same holds true for negative thoughts always leading to bad outcomes.


Desire is a combination of three important components:


Your ability to “DREAM”, to allow your mind to explore all the possibilities. The secret is to allow your mind to explore without any limitations or restrictions.

Secondly you sift through all your dreams and possibilities and you create a “VISION” of what you want to achieve. You convert your dreams that inhabit the realm of your imagination and convert them into something possible and achievable for you with action.

Lastly you must explore your vision and get absolute “clarity and focus” about exactly how your life will look when you accomplish your vision.

Once you have refined, defined and completely understood your desire to accomplish something. You must then fine tune your engine for greatness, so that you can turn your desire into reality. This engine is your “COMMITMENT”.


The energy of desire is a powerful motivator and creative force. Yet our desires must be stated clearly with the rewards of success in mind.


I have a story of a person who had spent six years in a job where he felt unappreciated. Although he had the skills and experience to take other work, he was having trouble leaving his current position. While expressing his frustration, he kept saying, “I can’t stand this job!”


Desire and the energy it creates affect our intentions and actions. However, it is important to distinguish between desire motivation and fear motivation. We are either moving toward something we want, or, as that person was, away from something we do not want.


Fear motivation aims to protect and focuses on penalties for failure leading to feelings of inhibition (e.g., “I can’t”) or compulsion (e.g., “I have to”). Desire motivation seeks rewards for success. It leads to volition (e.g., “I can”) and propulsion (e.g., “I want to”).


Not initially knowing where he would go next, That person was moving “from” an undesired position, mistakenly motivated by penalties for perceived failure.  Of course, he had not failed; his job had failed him.  The way we express our feelings will shape our beliefs, intentions and actions, often without our awareness.


The person initial affirmation, “I can’t stand this job,” was working to keep him there.  The mind is unable to focus on the reverse of an idea.  It will delete a negative such as “can’t” and move directly to its dominant thought.  What he had actually affirmed with strong emotion was, “I stand this job!”


Filled with energetic dislike for his job, he had not only been affirming that he would continue to “stand” his job. He had also intensified his unwanted staying-power by mixing strong negative emotion with his words.


He went on to identify the position and job he wanted.  Then he began to create statements focusing on rewards for moving to a satisfying and fulfilling position.  Within two months, he had acquired a satisfying position with a new company, and, to his delight, an employer who regularly compliments him on his work.


The person i am talking about may be you or may not but hear me.


Clearly focus on your desires each day.  Ask yourself, “What do I want, exactly?”  “What am I moving toward?”  Allow your thoughts and words to move you toward your fondest desires with faith in your God-given talents and potential.


The deepest desires of your heart will produce the energy to carry you forward to success.


To really fire up your level of commitment and guarantee success, you must follow these three simple steps:


Develop a crystal clear plan that will guide you one step at a time, to take the actions necessary to convert your dream into reality. Know what you want, map exactly how you are going to get there i.e. set your goals, write them down and create a detailed plan to allow you to achieve exactly that. Then pull the trigger and begin taking action every day. Take the first step toward living your dreams and just keep repeating this until you succeed. Expect and plan for challenges on your journey to greatness. The question is never whether you will encounter difficulties or challenges, but rather how well you will manage each one when they do occur. If you follow the simple adage of I, will, until and you never ever give up even when the going gets tough you will succeed at anything. Perseverance is the final ingredient in this recipe for greatness and when practiced can unlock your biggest dream

Commit to combine your desire with real commitment and you have uncovered the secret to achieve greatness.


Develop Champions Mentality and Say:

I will remain humble but NEVER satisfied.

I can confirm i am anything but ordinary and therefore will never accept ordinary.



I affirm to show fight through the hardest of challenges.

Even when things seem impossible… i know anything is possible.

Even when things seem to be going nowhere… i know in my heart i am going somewhere.

And i know exactly where.

And that where will be somewhere rare.


A rare space for those that experience the level of success only reserved for human beings with massive courage.


Courage to dare to push the limits

Courage to walk alone in the darkness in search of the light of the greats


I confirm i will sacrifice like no other but will never feel i have missed out.

I know the only way i can ever lose is when i don’t apply myself with all my soul. The only was to lose is if leave the field of play knowing i haven’t given my all.


i absolutely swear to give my all. I will never give 99. i only know 100.


i know there’s always another level, and as God is my witness i will always be searching for that level!


I make this oath to never stop until i am champion.

i affirm i will never stop, even when i become champion.


The crown awaits me

It is my birthright.


It’s my dream. and i don’t really care if nobody else believes in me.

I believe in myeself.


i affirm my effort will always be switched on,

Nobody can take that from me.


I swear my belief will remain strong at all times

never will i stray from my goals

never will i create a plan B.

my plan A is the only plan and that plan is the one i am going after with all my soul


This is my oath

See you at the top!


From Motivational Speaker Divine-Royalty

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