Welcome to Divine-Royalty fearless motivation. Where there is no motivation, people remain local champion. What success has culture brought into your community? History has made it known that those who go into culture outside Christ, after rising they will collapses. That is why tempest is dealing with some country etc. We learn from mistakes we don’t fall to stumble. Your fathers who supposed to go and hustle when other are hustling are deceived by so called culture that keeps their children into perpetual poverty and bondage. And some who supposed have succeeded are still striving. Culture bring in antagonistic that resulted into killing of youths.



It is not enough to believe in Christ, Romans 10:10 says that you got to confess what you believe and that comes salvation. If the Volume of the Christians Voice is not hard in this media. Those who are posting masquerade in the name of culture will take dominance and people will definitely buying into it. I can assure you that the reason why many people want to go necked in our world today is as a result musician taking dominance of media and that is what the law of attraction stated. “If you keep staying with ugly woman or man, in no distant time, you will be seeing her as beautiful and get into mess with him/her”. The same applicable. If you keep seeing masquerade with the personality of the people who post them or who talk good about them, (he is abroad, he is money) “as some people believe that those who are rich are blessing buy God”. “But it is not true” “there are successful failure” so, in no distant time you will join them or buying into their deception. Apostle Paul charged Timothy, “In the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who will judge the living and the dead, and in view of his appearing and kingdom…Preach the Word: be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction (2 Timothy 4:1-2).



A Christian is one that belongs to Christ and follows literally His commandments for his life. This does not mean real Christians are perfect; the true facts of the matter are that NOBODY, except the man Jesus Christ, will be perfect in this life. Christians will struggle with sin ALL their lives but by totally relying on the Master, the Lord Jesus Christ, they will be holier a little more every day, until they will eventually die and go in the presence of God and be made perfect by Him by the Grace of Christ. It is ALL of God and only by His wonderful Grace.



Successful people build each other up. They motivate, inspire and push each other. Unsuccessful people hate, blame, complain and castigate with their Medicare mind. Our appetites dictate the direction of our lives but zeal without knowledge is like a sword in a madman’s hand. Pursue success with the knowledge of God, you will land in a dumbfounding glory that is ever green.

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1) PROFILE "DivineRoyalty"... Kingsley UcheChukwu Vincent is from Enugu STATE, Nigeria. Born in 8th May 1975 An Author, A Motivational Speaker, A coach, Trainer, Good in wealth creation and To help you discover your life purpose and an outfit that have a goal to help others build a more rewarding and successful life by teaching around the world and by providing a motivational and inspirational material to challenge your thinking, my goal is to make a positive difference in the lives of others by providing thought and inspiring words of wisdom for them to live a fulfilled life. I am passionate for what i am wired to do than to be a hindrance or force myself into what i am not wired to do. My mentality is, don't be chicken if you are created to be an Eagle, Let the bird fly. Let the fish swim. Let the seed go to the soil and succeed so that all assignment will be fulfilled. He is available for crusade. Conference and revival programs or to motivate people to forget their pains and move forward when their enthusiasm is whining down. He hold Bachelors of science degree in Theology and also Happily married to Christiana Chikodiri known as "Divine" His marriage is blessed with world changers and champions. DivineGift. Abigail and Royality.

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