GOD CREATED EVERYTHING TO SUCCEED. Welcome to Divine-Royalty nuggets of Wisdom. Where there is no inspiration to aspire, people expire. “M-A-N” mans meaning according to my own definition is, morning-afternoon-and-night. I am trying to tell you that man has three stages in life. The morning stage, afternoon stage and night stage.


1) You will be trained and nurtured in the morning state.


2) In the afternoon you will lunch out, and make sure you have succeeded by bearing fruits so that your parents and the world around you will eat their own fruits which is you. If you fail to be in this condition, get ready for insult. That insult is showing that you are not succeeding pointing at fig-tree.


3) In the evening, you are expected to  enjoy the fruit of your labor from your work which must have to take over from your children to the greatest height to take charge of your work and take care of you as well.



But if you fail to work hard and balance this equilibrium. You will understand the important of working hard when your bone is no longer strong. Hard work pays! Those who mock a hard worker will later land on their door steep.


You maybe born poor, but that is not a grantee that you will end up poor. The way you think determine your action and your action determine the result you will get. As a man think so is he. You can’t think like a cafeteria (tea center) owner and end up as Brigade! You can’t think like a byke raider and end up as pilot. Your mind is the unseen programmer of your future.


The Israelite keep blaming Moses that you bring us here to kill us. You would have left us to die in Egypt so that when we die we will be buried in grave. “Slave mind-set” Don’t allow the condition you are facing probably now to condition your life.


That chief build four rooms and parlor and a car. If i build it and have a car too, i have arrive. “Village mindset”


If you end up like village people, you have not make any difference. Go beyond!


What you are doing today is a result of what you are going to get tomorrow. Doing the same thing every day, year in year out and getting the same result is insanity.


If a seed germinate grow up and bear fruits, it has succeeded. If a man is up to 30 years (of which Jesus started his ministry at 30) without providing to his parents, he is like a fig tree, he is not succeeding and he need to do something about himself now without procrastinating.



Education is what people do for you, learning is what you do to yourself. The change you are looking for must start from you! We all have the desire to make a change. But if you concentrate on the whole world to change you’ll get nothing. That’s why focusing on yourself its very important, because you can’t control the world, but you can control yourself and your actions. So you focus on what you can control, and you start from there making a change in the world. Start small, by changing yourself, and by doing so you will achieve big, because you are changing the world.


It opens up with a decision being taken, making a change. That moment when you are so fed up, that you finally decide enough is enough! You should be able to take decisions like this in your life. Put yourself in position to do so by analyzing the results you’re getting. If you aren’t getting any near, make that change, take that decision. It all starts with a decision and a thought, than comes execution: I’m going to change, make a difference, make it right! And make it happen!


This is it! “No message could have been any clearer”, you want to make a change? Start with you, with yourself, man is a spirit living in the earthly suite, see the mirror of the champion living on the inside of you. Talk to yourself, ask yourself to change what you do. Of course this is figurative, this is all about being introspective and personal development. Analyze yourself, uncover your weaknesses and strengths, make a change on what’s weak, maintain your strengths. Be driven to get better and better each day.



Poverty is not a native of anywhere, it settles where it is welcomed. Don’t be lazy to stay in poverty so long, you will become accustom or addicted to it. Remember a fool at 40 will continue to be a fool. Push yourself and make friends with successful people. Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Stay away from narrow minded people, those that bring you down. Eagle fly’s with eagles. Successful people build each other up. They motivate, inspire and push each other. Unsuccessful people hate, blame, complain, castigate and drain you.


Above all, you have to determine because determination is the key to success. God told Joshua in chapter1 up to three time be determine! Then take action and you will embrace the success you seek.


From A Motivational Speaker. Divine-Royalty.


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