HEROD MUST DIE FOR ANOINTED TO RETURN. Welcome to Divine-Royalty fearless motivation.

HEROD MUST DIE FOR ANOINTED TO RETURN. Welcome to Divine-Royalty fearless motivation.

(The son of man is meant to be in Jerusalem not in Egypt)


Herod was a wicked leader of his country (King) that doesn’t want another to come and take over, when Jesus was born, but the birth of Jesus and the prophecies that preceded His birth were giving Herod heart attack. A King of Jews? Herod was livid with rage at such a possibility. So, he discreetly told the wise men seeking to bless baby Jesus to come back to him with information “that I may come and worship him also” (tricky). This, however, was not to be because God warned the wise men in a dream not to return to Herod.


The Bible says in Matthew 2 vs 16 thus: “Then Herod, when he saw that he was mocked of the wise men, was exceeding wroth, and sent forth, and slew all children that were in Bethlehem, and in all the coasts thereof, from two years old and under, according to the time which he had diligently enquired of the wise men”. All these were done to ensure that the destiny of Jesus was aborted. (Destiny killers) But God saved the Saviour by relocating Him to Egypt.


My people has been scattered everywhere in the world wide nation beyond Egypt. What pain me most is our woman. The pride of every man is good woman, but mine has been force to prostitution, many of our men occupier the jail in abroad, some dead, and no one is asking of them. My country Passport is considered as crime, job denial, visa denial and unfair treatment for those who free to their own Egypt.


Those who are home is been slaughtered with hunger, starvation, insecurity, lack of health and hospital facilities, lack of pipe borne water, fake drugs, un-motorable bad roads that has waste many lifes, non-payment of salaries, lack of electricity, fuel scarcity, high unemployment are being used as legitimate instruments of governance– thanks to this generation of leaders. High inflation has priced essential commodities out of the reach of the common men and women, coupled with unpaid salaries for as much 7 months and up to one year and this is true– A country of fifth largest supplier of oil to United States of America. How have Nigerians been coping in the face of a deplorable standard of living? To answer this question, one has to look back to the era of the new found oil wealth. There was plenty of money, embezzlement and corruption and ostentation became the order of the day. Contracts were awarded to friends and family with no experience and mobilization fees were paid out and the party began for a few privileged people. Then the military struck on July 29, 1975 led by Murtala Muhammed and his gang of anti-corruption crusaders. Among the crusaders were Olusegun Obasanjo, Ibrahim Babangida, Muhammadu Buhari and others. Murtala did not live long enough to show his true colors but the members of his gang that still live today are living testimonies of what that regime may have turned out to be. By 1985 when Babangida finally took over, corruption became institutionalized and the decline of the economic fortunes took a steady course with only a few beneficiaries


Again, how have the people coped with hunger and starvation over the decades of misrule? Schools began to be shut down as teachers were unpaid, government began to owe workers and pensioners salaries, children began to hawk drinking water to help their parents make money to survive, some turned to armed robbery, others became more creative by developing scams and 419(fraud) scoops etc., others fled Nigeria in search of green card for survival.


The vast majority of Nigerians unfortunately belong to the group that has children hawking water and other small wares to make a living in the face of months of unpaid salaries. Nigeria’s higher institutions are usually shut for more than half of the regular session either because lecturers are on strike or the students are mourning a gunned down mate. When college is in session, lecturers are selling handouts to supplement or substitute their income whichever is the case. The irony is that this suffering in the land cuts across ethnicities and different religions.


Nigeria is unsafe as there are many unsolved murders and crimes and the populace go indoors as early as 7pm. No city in Nigeria has an emergency response plan or even a public safety network. When there is a national disaster, the government is beaten hands down as government is usually unprepared. The National Police force is not catered for as they too have been paid their salaries late or denied years of promotion. Unfortunately, though the Police know who to blame, they turn the public into victims and exhort them till their blood is dry. How on earth can a hungry and deprived police guarantee a safe and secure environment? It took the Police to go on strike for the government to become sensitive and release money that is owed the suffering Police. Further, the organizers of the strike were punished because Government had no intentions of paying or promoting the policemen.



Are these the kind of leaders Nigerians should be giving a second term? How about the senior citizens? They too are being owed arrears of pension and in most cases their pension has not been realistically adjusted to inflation.


There is no medical care in Nigeria as most of the hospitals are ill equipped and have no drugs. Even where equipped the medical care is priced out of the reach of the common man. People of means can afford the National Hospital in Abuja or fly overseas while the rest end up consuming fake drugs and finally wasting away in prayer houses. Drug abuse is rampant in Nigeria as prescription drugs are dispensed over the counter to helpless patients. Medical care is necessarily expensive even in the U.S., Europe, Asia everywhere no wonder why countries have health insurance schemes.


Nigeria has had a national health insurance scheme on the drawing board for years without implementation. How can the scheme work without a national identifier? The national identity scheme could have filled the void, but Obasanjo in his regime, instead of promoting the many vital uses of a national identifier in economic planning presented it as a voter registration tool. A section of the country has rejected the idea, and the real value of a national identifier lost because of ignorance on the part of government. What has the President learnt about national identifiers in his many travels? The national id scheme will for some time be resented even though the amount of money invested is colossal and perhaps absurd.



But there are Nigerians all over benefiting from the status quo. They postulate and pontificate over the internet and pages of newspapers offering meaningless excuses for Government’s ineffectiveness and wickedness. This group of Nigerians is often motivated by greed and selfishness borne out of either monetary gratification or tribal and ethnic sentiments.


The taps are dry and water is now profitable business as water is sold in tankers just like gasoline. When the British left Nigeria to self-governance, they left the water pipes flowing with water. In some cases, there were pipe bursts due to water pressure. Today, the pipes, and taps are dry and people draw water from bacteria infested sources. If CNN talks about it, Government will issue denials and attack the CNN by name calling. Surprisingly, the Nigerian press gang up against the truth while the masses suffer. But behind the yards of our wealthy leaders are boreholes for clean water supply


There is absolutely nothing new to write about Nigerian roads, electricity or communication. Those who care should travel to Nigeria and see how long a 30 minute drive takes on Nigerian roads.  Our leaders surprisingly drive their SUV Lexus, Land cruiser and Mercedes on these roads, What has happened to road construction and maintenance?


Perhaps, the easiest job that our youths can get is to be hired in death squads or as political thugs. Only if the President could sit down and plan instead of combining his job with the tourism portfolio can we have hope for a future.


Nigeria is a diverse society just like the United States; different ethnicities, different races, different religions etc. Race relations have improved in the United States when compared to the past, and Nigeria most certainly is doing badly, because the cabal that monopolies the governmental sit want it only the moslem and Igbo’s from the south east are left behinds.


What matters should be who can provide the basic needs of human beings regardless of whether he is Hausa, igbo, Yoruba, edo, efik, ijaw, kanuri etc.


Every child of God has an Herod to contend with. And the Herod must die for his glory to manifest. Who is Herod? Herod is the physical realities of opposition, contention, murderous intention, envious competition, selfish comparison, wicked plotting and scheming against the counsel of God for any of His children. If such hostility rose up against Jesus, no anointing can insulate anyone from such opposition in this world.


There are no two ways to this: your Herod must die! Pharaoh had to die before the people of Israel could get to the promised land. King Uzziah had to die before the ministry of Isaiah could blossom. Saul had to die before David could ascend the throne. Kings Og and Bashan had to die for the Israelites to possess their land of promise. There are Herods in your foundation and neighborhood and office and church: they must die for you to be ahead!


From A Motivational Speaker. Divine-Royalty.

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