Welcome to Divine-Royalty nuggets of Wisdom. Timidity is not humility! False humility is a form of psychosis which was imprinted on most of us since birth. It is a mental illness because it locks us in a victim state of keeping our light turned down, denying who we really are and silently begging for permission to simply show up as ourselves in the world. If someone keep on dealing with you, and expect you to be quiet thy kingdom come because he/she is in power, the boss, or maybe someone respect or cherish and you remain quiet, that does not mean that you are humble, it is false humility. Have you reacted in such condition or more horrible than this and they tag you arrogant, they are the chief sponsor and the grandparents of the arrogance. Every human being has the LION heart in him/her. Behave well! Though some can control it but to an extent, unless if that person is targeting to get something from you and when he do, you will see his/her true color. Some will scream at once because Some people are more emotional than other, that is why our temperament are different and that does not mean that those who scream are stupid. Besides, many has receive help and mercy in crying out at the moment of pain and frustration.


According to the speech of Apostle Jonson Suleman on October 1st 2017 on the independent day, in respond to what is happening in Nigeria, he said. If a father have five children and they ten potion of blessing are suppose to share for them consecutively and the father give tight potion to one person and share two potion to four people, one day, they will fight. He continue by saying, there are some tribe that uses hash to express their filling, and the best thing is to ignore them not using gun against them. You must tolerate, using himself when a lady he help blackmailed him.


Uses religious terms to justify cruel or questionable behavior also is a false humility! God give us power to take dominion over everything he created excluding our fellow human. Compassion is definitely missing when people’s poor judgment and lack of wisdom do irreparable damage to their families, their organizations, or country.


It also looks like humility on the surface to say that you’re not really good enough at anything, but what it really does is release you from the responsibility God gave you to nurture your talent and use it for good. The treasures God placed within you are too valuable to ignore. It is a slap in God’s face to undermine them. When does it cross the line into pride? When you are so consumed with your own talents that you could care less about what others have to offer. That is how you know you have gone to far. Our enemy seems to have much success with keeping us on the “humble” side, safely tucking away our talents and squandering them so that they are not used to advance the kingdom of God or to create harmony on the this planet earth.


Sidestepping the call to leadership.

All of us are leaders in some way or another, whether we want to admit it or not. The very call to go and make disciples is a call to leadership. We are saying, “Come follow me as I follow Christ.” False humility causes us to back away from the courageous act of leading others. Admittedly, it is scary to lead others. What if you lead them the wrong way? But just because the potential is there to make mistakes doesn’t mean that we have permission to hide in fear of leadership. Really, when most people avoid leadership, they are avoiding responsibility. With authority comes responsibility and some people avoid this like the plague. The world will have no inspiration or strength without Christ-following, courageous leaders rising up to take their place.


4. Ignoring our authority in Christ.

We make too little of holy boldness in Christian circles today. Remember when the Holy Spirit fell in the early church and as a result they, “spoke the word of God boldly?” Maybe we are afraid to preach too much about boldness for fear people will get wacky. However, we need to be aware that God has not called us to be pacifists in our struggle against the forces of evil. False humility can keep us and others around us bound in sin, when we have the power within us to set others free. There is a time to confront people in their sin and there is a time to contend with the forces of evil in our own lives. I have heard the illustration used of a police officer who stood by and allowed crimes to take place before his eyes. That would be a tragedy. Why then, do we not notice the tragedy of not using our authority to set people free and release the power of God on the earth? False humility tells us that such acts are only for super ministers. False humility says, “Who am I to do such great things?” We forget that it is not because of who we are alone, but because of who Jesus made us to be that we are what we are and that we have the power that we have.


How have you struggled with false humility? In what ways to you plan to rise above it?


From: Motivational Speaker. Divine-Royalty.

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