MINISTRY WITH GOD NOT WITH MEN. Welcome to Divine-Royalty nuggets of Wisdom.

MINISTRY WITH GOD NOT WITH MEN. Welcome to Divine-Royalty nuggets of Wisdom. Where there is no inspiration to aspire, people expire! As i was thinking this morning, i generate insight in my thinking time from the past on the process of glowing and decided to put it down not for everybody but to those who God has sent me to and for those who may like my work and want to know the strategy i use to scale height.


If fisherman discover the favorite food for fish, whenever he bring it to the river, ocean or sea, the fish will gather. In the journey of Spirituality, God has the hook and know who and how to catch. But you must put up your best.


How often have you wake up in the morning and do your brief 15 minute prayer and want to solve the problem of mankind for hours? If the edge is not sharp, more strength will be required. The bible said In Mark Chapter 1 verses 12 and 13, before his ministry started, that He goes off to the desert and spends forty days alone with God ” prays.

Then his ministry launches. In the same Chapter, in verse 35 it says:

Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus withdrew to a solitary place to be alone with God and pray.


And the disciples will be looking for him! What is Jesus trying to impact in them and in us?, ministry with GOD not ministry with MEN.


When you combine your spiritual gifts, personality, passions, and experience you will discover a picture which shows you how you can best serve the Lord with maximum effectiveness. YOUR MINISTRY PROFILE !


Essential to the proper outworking of your ministry profile is a growing, close walk with God. Spiritual gifts, personality, heart passions, and experience blend together to yield a greater effectiveness in serving God, the capstone of that divine work was man, a creature in God’s own image designed to carry on the work of ruling and shaping and designing creation. Therefore, at the heart of the meaning of work is creativity. If you are God, your work is to create out of nothing. If you are not God, but like God — that is, if you are human — your work is to take what God has made and shape it and use it to make him look great.

That is your calling today in whatever God has given you to do: make God look great. According to 1 Corinthians 7:17–24, your job (assuming it’s not inherently unethical or immoral) is a ministry assignment from God. It may not be your career assignment, but it’s today’s assignment. And God wants you to carry out that assignment with dependent faith, diligence, and excellence. So, All work faithfully accomplished for the glory of Jesus in dependence on the Holy Spirit is spiritual work.


If God calls you someday to be a vocational minister, wonderful! It will be your privilege to be a servant-equipper to your brothers and sisters whose ministry it is to make God look great in the world. Just don’t long for vocational ministry because it’s more spiritual than other work. All work faithfully accomplished for the glory of Jesus in dependence on the Holy Spirit is spiritual work.


So wherever Jesus assigns you, “remain with God” (1 Corinthians 7:24) and see it as your ministry. Make it your mission “to take what God has made and shape it and use it to make him look great.


Division of labor: When the minister has to visit every sick person, the wedded, funeral and make regular house calls, attend every meeting, and lead every bible study or group, he or she becomes incapable of doing almost anything else.


Your Private Prayer is more important than praying with the crowd. It is a time to generate insight from God the CEO of the call and ministry, and when you lack it, everything becomes seek, Message preparation falls to the side, and imbalance diet.


Many ministers of God are people-pleasers. Wanting not to disappoint people fuels conflict within leaders, people want you to care for them, and you hate to disappoint them. In some respect, over care establishes classic co-dependency. The congregation relies on the minister for all of its care needs, and the minister relies on the congregation to provide their sense of worth and fulfilment, no more direction from God the CEO.


Many congregations define the success of their leader according to how available, likeable and friendly the Minister is. It’s as though churches want a puppy, not a minister. Since when did that become the criteria for effective Christian leadership?


By that standard, Moses, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Hosea, the Apostle Paul and perhaps even Jesus failed the test.


The goal of Christian leadership is to lead, not to be liked. That’s no excuse for being insensitive, but still, leadership requires that at times, you need to do what’s best, not what people want. If a ministry or church is going to grow, congregations have to let go of the expectation that the Minister or leader will be available for every medical emergency, every twist and turn in their lives, every family celebration and every crisis. That’s a tough sell for many congregations, but if a church is going to grow, it has to happen.


So how do you deal with this? Have the courage to shift care and some of the assignment to the members of the church and ministry so that your thinking time, study time and prayer time will not be tampered with. And the bible said because of miracle, signs, and wonders that is happening in their mist, they keep on increasing in their number. You need POWER!

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