NATIVE DOCTOR (Witchdoctor) IS BACK TO CHURCHES (😭life😭) Welcome to Divine-Royalty fearless motivation

Welcome to Divine-Royalty fearless motivation

What you always hear can form a big picture and has big effect on you. The message about God’s love is in the minus in Christian community today. What of Christian life is every time demon; my enemy “Die by fire” and this kind of prayer has lifted up head that has resulted into many antagonistic, still we join hand in prayer. But Bible says Before you give your offering, ( Prayer is offering) if you are not in good time with your brother/sister, keep your offering and go back and settle before given. “What do we take God for?” A witchdoctor you can come and tell anything he prepare a charm for you? Without repentance in his grace and love? I know if human being are God, rain will be rainning to people house by house, same as sun. Who is your mentor? Check if it’s one of those witchdoctors that hide in the church. Bottles of holy water, mosterd seed, Anointing oil is not God! Its man made strategy to grab money from people. I learn it from the one who mentor me.

Christ work is a finished work. He met the enemy on his own turf and defeated him completely. Christians often speak about “battling the enemy.” The idea is that the enemy is on the prowl he can and will devour us if we let him. The greatest enemy you have is yourself. The truth is that we often give the enemy more power than he actually has. God’s Word doesn’t call us to struggle against the enemy; rather we are called to stand firm. Let me explain. The devil has power but our victory in Christ in more powerful. If you are real to yourself in Christ, battle is like someone that is thrown into fire without the fire hurting the person. Overcome evil with good. Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. Hate evil. “Let love be genuine. Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good”.

Because of the message we do here many has become addicted to the devil to an extend that they can’t praise God for 5munits but can engage in warfare for hours. While some know many name of the devil with few name of Christ. I hate to a PRO of the devil. Consider this 9 tips
1) If Christian Preachers Speak on God’s Love the way they Speak about the devil and enemy, their will be a great metamorphosis

2) The devil has power but our victory in Christ is more powerful. Stop planting fear in peoples life. Have you ever praise God and His glory come down. When you do everything is settled.

3) What is our priority in preaching the gospel. To win souls through demonstration of God’s Love. Love of Christ has no boundary

4) Never despair that this evil world is out of God’s control. “He works all things according to the counsel of his will”
Life is full of ups and down. Everything that happened to you must not be responsible from somebody or your uncle in the village. It’s a strategy native doctors in the church are using and you dream must not always be claimed negatively. Change your mindset.

5) I still believe in the message of prosperity, but through effort, many believers are uneducated to know how to create wealth, that is why some people pray and want God to come and do what they suppose to be doing. For Example. You can’t pray yourself into a medical practitioner, you have to go to medical school before you become a doctor. Bible say in Ps1 in what ever you do I will prosper. What are you doing? God did not remove your brain when you repented.

6) Poverty is the greatest attack some people are facing. When I speak, I speak with expirence. There is the kind of place you will live you will stop having bad dream.

7) Consider if you want to be a hustler or a lazy man but before you chosen to lazy. Go to any one you know that is poor to observe wisdom like Solomon did and chose if you want to be like that. It will help you to strategies

8) Don’t be shy to do any work to make money. Many who glo with pride abroad has gone home with nothing. But I am against prostitution and fraud. The reason why gambling is a sin is that it is in corridor of shortcut and shortcut rub you wisdom you should has grab in life.

9) Many young men and women who are waisting money now in luxurious life don’t know that their will be a time they will no longer be strong. Even their son’s and duathers will get married. For them to attend to them is when they get chance. And if you don’t have anything faching you money you with face hunger.

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