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Six years back, i drove to Dubai international airport to pick one of my friend. I meet with a man 68 years of age at the arrival. He came to ask me how to get where he is going, and I asked him, what do you come here to do, is it for a business trip or holiday?, He responded, i came to hustle· it stagered my mentality. I so much believe in decorating human beings as a church than structure as church. Leadership is a microcosm of the society. You can be the eyes opener that can optimize another to see 25years ahead. If you don’t prepare for tomorrow now, there will be a time your bones will no longer strong to work. Champions are early risers.

All mental hygiene is based on the core practice of doing nothing. Most of us are good at wasting time, staring at the wall while telling ourselves we should be working. “We call this doing nothing”, but our brains are furiously active. We think constantly, and our thinking is often rife with distress.

When you motivate those who have willing spirit to change, They will Love you and cannot sleep without hearing a word from you for them to refresh. While those who have not develop willing spirit to make a change sees you as nuisance.
How can you waste all your time charting in Facebook talking rubbish? (Time management) How can you waste all your time sleeping around?. (Laziness) Whosoever love sleep will remain poor, that’s what the wise man said in the book of proverbs. How can you waste your time looking for where to eat free food?, (consumers) because you don’t know what to do with your life, How can you be living without a strategic plan on how to save money, (wasters as prodigal son) do you know when your famine time will come in the season of life?

How can you spend all your time in the prayer house everyday and prayer camping?, Are you a Priest, Or Monk? There are things prayer can do and there are things principle will do, God cannot go into your kitchen and cook food for you. No matter the prayer of a 7years old boy he can never drive a trailer. (He must reach at list 23years and follow the principle by going to driving school before) you cannot pray yourself into a medical practitioner. You have to pass through process by going a medical school. Even the unbelievers that follow that principle it will work for them and they will become a doctor too. If you said that politic is a dirty game, it is not for Christians. The unbelievers will take over power and deal with Christian. The massacre in a Christian church in Nigeria is as an example. Long while, We have been praying for Nigeria in distress and from distress to bribery and corruption but it is not working because we skip joining politic. To go in there and transform the political parties. Presidential sit and our country.

God will not bless you again. God has blessed you and empowered you. It is left for you to create a channel where the blessing will flow by using your talent. work and Business etc.

God did not remove your brain when you repent. Early to rise, early to shine

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