SUCCESS IS THE BEST REVENGE (Fearless motivation)

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Success is being on the move.
Whether you are crowling, walking, running of flying. Once you are on the move, you are making success.

The best revenge is not focusing on your pain or those who hurt you, but it is actually not taking any revenge at all. It is moving on with your life. It is showing them that life is so much better after they are gone.

I discover that no matter how simplie a woman is, any wrong you did to her when she is pregnant is had to forgive, especial if the hurt comes from a woman that knows what pregnant is all about. But you can still move on with your life. Have you ever been mocked, hurt, painted red or someone you love so dearly break your heart. Maybe people douted you and you get stocked. You may have failed. Or someone you know capable of helping you did not and things become too tough, “hear me” become tougher. Motivate yourself and empower your mental energy because if it too had in your mind, it will be too had for you to handle.

It’s easy to blame those that have wronged us for just about everything that is wrong with our life. “If it wasn’t for them, I would be happy. If it wasn’t for them, I would have more money. If they didn’t do this, I would be where I want to be. Most people get so caught up in blaming and passing judgement as if they are saint. they continue to blame and sabotage their own life long after the person is gone from their life. Most people hold on to the blame because it’s easier than moving on.

Having an excuse or a story of why, they aren’t where they want to be. gets them sympathy from others. The victim role gives them comfort. And it is much easier than taking responsibility and moving on with their life.

However it is not, and will never be a happy place to stay. Those who take responsibility for their life and are wanting to move on and put the past behind them are much more likely to gain freedom, success and happiness. Now, this does not mean there aren’t horrible people in the world that have done wrong by others. It is not condoning other’s behavior. It is taking back the power they have from you, when you are the one suffering long after they are gone.

Who wins if you keep blaming them? Who wins if you move on, forget about them and create the best life and success you could ever imagine?
Who wins if you move on?
Who wins if you forget about them? Who wins if you create your best ever life, full of success and abundance?

You win! Take back your power!.

Blame them for what they have done, but don’t blame them for what you haven’t done. Blame them for what they’ve done, but bless them for making you stronger, for making you better.
Blame them for what they’ve done, but thank them for showing you exactly what you don’t want. You can blame the world for bringing them into your life, but then get grateful for all the lessons it taught you, all the strength it gave you, all the perspective it gave you.

Know in your heart if they knew better they would do better.
Know in your heart you don’t need to take on any of their negative energy. How good does it feel to take that baggage off your shoulders? To focus on building your future.

MOVE forward
Never look back
Have the lion mindset
Have Champions mentality

The best revenge is not taking any revenge. It is simply moving on with your life, creating the best version of yourself and move forward to arrive as legend. Those who left with later come back because they don’t have a choice. Everyone loves a hero

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