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One time a go, I asked two of my mentors, why is it that Igbo ministers are not going too far in the ministry? I made mention of few ministers that is excelling globally. But the igbo ones who has get big is with only igbos without many other tribes.
One of my mentor screamed and say hummm but did not give an answer to it.
But the other one said the following. Igbos are mainly Catholics, Anglicans, Methodists and Presbyterians. No other tribes equals Igbos in those ones both ordained and lay ministers.
He also mentioned that

  1. Brother Emeka Nwankpa that founded the INTERCERSORS FOR AFRICA is an Igbo.
  2. Rev Uma Ukpai
  3. Pastor Mike Okonkwo of TREM
    REV O GODWN of National Evangelical, one of the biggest Pentecostal churches in the North
    REV Nwachukwu of Grace of God.
    Another thing, ministry success is not by noise by by IMPACT. I can forgive you for choosing Adeboye and Olympus but Enechebe and Sulieman, though I respect them, should not have been with Adeboye. You put them with people like me. Not that they appear on TV. What have they done in last 28 years like us?

Not with standing, I was listening to Apostle Johnson Sureman, he said that, if you want Nigeria to be good and full of job opportunities, give Igbo man the president. But the problem is that the person who will pull him down is his own brother!.

It Is not about doing things the way we feel that is good. But it’s about how thing work. Because there is force in unity. When you don’t take things for granted, you simply squeeze more out of life. We are our own worst critics. Don’t get me wrong – it’s good be a strict judge of our own character. The problem arises when you take it too far. When you constantly criticize and find faults with what others do and who others are, we’ll never reach a necessary level of satisfaction to be truly content with ourselves. Secondly be true to yourself not to judge what you are guilty of and correction will not be with hash and aggregation but humility and love. Whenever you bring Dubai coat of arm, you will always see the spirit of the union. And there union has make there country great today. If you tend to judge yourself too much, you effectively hold yourself back; if you sell yourself short, you’ll never experience the full value of your potential. Get to know this voice that criticizes in you, try to understand where it comes from and why it is that you listen to. Don’t beat yourself up over every mistake – after all, experience through mistakes is a perfectly sound method of learning. Constantly over-criticizing yourself will hold you back, hamper your confidence, and make you dwell on things that may not even matter. Am using the word yourself but understand what I mean, any igbos who critics another is criticising himself. And other tribes should not get angry over this message because I am writing it with a purpose that charity begins at home.

We don’t have much time on this little blue rock that’s hurdling through the universe, but that’s no excuse to rush through life and only focus on the big things that seem to matter. We hail any ministary that is doing well in the universe and even bost of belonging there.
That’s fine, but we fail to take a second and appreciate the smaller things around us. The aroma rising from pot of stew in the morning, the cool breeze that follows a rainfall on the hottest day, the peculiarity of a cloud. Even the small things you do and achieve on a daily basis matter.

One of the fundamental goals in everyone’s life is to have a pleasurable time here. When you begin to appreciate every little thing before your eyes, on a day to day basis, you’ll undoubtedly feel enriched. The trick is to keep up with it, as concerns or problems will always bog down our mind and distract your attention.

This becomes especially important in the context of our own success. If we fail to appreciate the small things that we accomplish, we’ll begin to lose a sense of self-respect. If you’re constantly worried about landing that new job, not realizing that you’ve learned to become a master of living on a tight budget in the meantime, then you’re overlooking something that can provide you with a feeling of self-respect. If you find yourself having to bike to work because you need a new car, appreciate the benefits towards your health. It requires a degree of optimism, but taking into account all the good things you do on a small scale helps build your confidence, motivation, and self-respect.

In today’s politics in Nigeria, everyone has become a journalist feeding all kinds of crab that immanent from lies and critics, but don’t allow politics to make you lose fear on God. Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Unless you want to be a fool. And whoever that has no regard to God has become one.

Have fear of God and those who serve God. Don’t tell me that you have respect for God without respecting those who serve God. God need human being to operate. Without mortal body, God can’t operate on earth or He make Himself a lier and “God cannot lie”. That is why he go to Mary and say to her, borrow me your womb, so that he will have mortal body to operate. He must use human and among you. So don’t insult who God has chosen.

Love yourself before loving others. So that you can give them what you already have on the inside of you. Love your tribe before other tribes. So that you can give them what you already have from your foundation. You have every right to defend any word because you think you have knowledge but let’s be logical. United can only stand. Wisdom is profitable to direct.
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