CHANGE YOUR NEGATIVE AGENDA TO POSITIVE (2019) Welcome to Divine-Royalty fearless motivation

Welcome to Divine-Royalty fearless motivation

Christ in me is priceless, no one, nothing can buy it from me.

All glitters are not gold, We walk by faith not by sight. Recall to your mind because the celebration is over. I know you have meet old time friends and many other, even those who disguise themselves and claim to be what they are not for Christmas Celebration. Do not lose your vision, or self awareness, that is who you are, by conceiving negative agenda. Do not allow spectacular things you saw while celebrating Christmas to role over you. The greatest tragedy on earth is not earthquake or death, but inability to discover or become who you are meant to be.

Negative thoughts stick around because we believe them, not because we want them or choose them. Bondage is subjection to external influences and internal negative thoughts and attitudes. Why do you choose to go negative because you traveled for Christmas and see many people living big, some with cars, some are extremely beauty and handsome, some donated huge amounts of money in the church and village meeting, some are extravagant in spending money in brevera and so many other things. Some with nice clothing as never before, parties here and there, and you are entices with what you see.

Is that why you want to give God condition, trying to abort your life purpose by staring at negative lifestyle to make it big this time? “Pounder this nugget” Trying to succeed without God is like a blind man trying to pass thread from the needle. Living life outside your purpose is like someone who look at himself in mirror in the morning and afternoon time, forget how he look like.

If you miss following the map given to you in your mind by God and follow the advice given to you by another person. You are following the map given to you by meer human, and you will miss your way because you left Divine direction. Always follow your future plans and what your heart is telling you, and avoid giving attention to people sorrounding you to overtake, control and change your thoughts.

“Moreover” not every person giving you advices is your good wisher!! some people try to change others’ attitudes after realising that their targets are positive, and start trying to change them to negative!! so follow your heart. If you have a vision of being a doctor, never accept someone to convert you into a public speaker. This is because your heart wants to be a doctor, someone heart wishes you to be a public speaker but you are a different person of different ambitions and hearts. So, the choice is yours!!

Self-discovery takes a lot of courage, strength, and awareness to become the person you were meant to be. There are many roads in this world that will guide you to pleasurable, fun, and exciting destinations that do not end in any form of lasting happiness, So before you step on an enticing path, figure out where it leads, you may not like this because of the decision you have taken but my speech is not with enticing words of man’s wisdom, That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God. It takes but one positive thought when given a chance to survive and thrive to overpower an entire army of negative thoughts. Wisdom is profitable to direct.

To avoid regretting tomorrow, embrace self control.
Recognizing that the power of will is the supreme court over all other departments of our mind,
Recognizing that both my positive emotions and my negative emotions may be dangerous if they are not controlled and guided to desirable ends, I will submit all my desires, aims and purposes to my faculty of reason, and I will be guided by it in giving expression to these.
Recognizing the need for sound plans and ideas for the attainment of my desires, I will develop my imagination by calling upon it daily for help in the formation of my plans.
Recognizing that my emotions often err in their over-enthusiasm, and my faculty of reason often is without the warmth of feeling that is necessary to enable me to combine justice with mercy in my judgments, I will encourage my conscience to guide me as to what is right and what is wrong, but I will never set aside the verdicts it renders, no matter what may be the cost of carrying them out.
Recognizing the value of an alert memory, I will encourage mine to become alert by taking care to impress it clearly with all thoughts I wish to recall, and by associating those thoughts with related subjects which I may call to mind frequently.
Subconscious Mind:
Recognizing the influence of my subconscious mind over my power of will, I shall take care to submit to it a clear and definite picture of my major purpose in life and all minor purposes leading to my major purpose, and I shall keep this picture constantly before my subconscious mind by repeating it daily.

Discipline over the mind is gained, little by little, by the formation of habits which one may control. Habits begin in the mind; therefore, a daily repetition of this creed will make one habit-conscious in connection with the particular kind of habits which are needed to develop and control the six departments of the mind.

The mere act of repeating the names of these departments has an important effect. It makes one conscious that these departments exist; that they are important; that they can be controlled by the formation of thought-habits; that the nature of these habits determines one’s success or failure in the matter of self-discipline

The choice you make determine you out come in life. A better you.

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