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Dream is not what we see when we are sleeping. It is what keeps us awake from sleeping.

Many will misunderstand this article. But I have to write it because it will give deliverance to many because experience is the best teacher.

Must people spend 70 percent of their time sleeping dreaming, But researchers wake up subjects while they are dreaming,

70 percent of our night dream are negative. Our brains are processing negative emotions and fears on a regular, intensive basis while we sleep. It takes living right with God to be bold. Most of the people who neglects life dream to night dream pray and push their responsibility to God, because they never bring to their knowledge that God of miracle is also God of principle. In case you don’t know, poverty is not a native of anywhere, It settles where it is welcomed.

But those who Chase their life dream inspires change and attract success. They charge a course and bring it to realty. They are innovators that decorate our world. Having a dream gives you a direction in life. It helps you make better choices because you don’t want to mess up your chances for success. This is the way I see it. Dreams are imaginings of what we can make happen in our lives. We can also call them goals.

I was trained in a place where prophecy is in the other of priority. And If you want to make a move to go outside that environment or horizon, They will knock you down with a question like.
“Have you ask God”?
“Did he give you approval”?
“But my own question is, can God do every thing for you?”
Of which I did in prayer when i want to travel, but the prophecies I received was so unbearable my spirit.
Which goes like this
“Where am I going leaving his people?” And I asked, Those that is where I am going, is who’s own people?” (You will be my witness to the end of earth)
Another goes like this
That if I go away, i am going to fall out of faith. Hummm!
(May people in this life think people of failure and that is why they are happy when one fail. Some says. I know that he will fail) so it is not a new thing.
But I have one mindset that I am not a failure in this life. One of my quote “says” “Fear of failure or fear of what people will say, is the reason for your ordinariness” by “Divine-Royalty” Even if i fail, i will grab wisdom from my failure that will lead me to success because Failure inspired growth not to fall humpity humpity.

For a dream to provide fuel for your present-day reality. To yield real benefits, the ambition has to be a true reflection of your spirit, your character and your deepest-held values. You can start with a desire. Desire is powerful. The best prophecy to me if you have your mind renewed is, follow the direction of your spirits. Don’t be hold bound to remain monotonous, be dynamic. That you started race with someone doesn’t mean that you will end it up with that person. Everyone have assignments to fulfil and a place to fulfil do the assignment. I think listening to the inner voice is more fruition than people’s imagination

Pursuing life dream is more successful than chasing night dream. Ministry is knowledge. Not only power. And if you want to argue with Me, I can grantee you that what you call power is your ignorant. Knowledge is power and Application of knowledge is powerful. Empowering yourself with knowledge is what I call capacity building.

God gave us Garden of Eden firstly after his creation Which means His presence. He said cultivate the garden. Which means WORK. Hard work pays! Hard work will increase you and multiply you. Any message that is not encouraging hard work, pain and suffering has question mark. Is good that you know it to prepare yourself and learn how to turn your pain into pleasure. Can you go to war with one arm? Can you go to war with asthmatic lungs? Broken hands? Yes you can Champ. You prepare yourself. Push yourself. And when the worst of the worst happens you know how to manage it.

Most of this teaching is on character development. My quotes says. “Good character is like a golden necklace; you become prettier when you wear it”. by “Divine-Royalty” Where is this word coming from? If our lives are not according to the Word of God, yet a person is not living according to that. Even though the Bible says that. The gifts or the callings of God are without repentance” in other words, you might have the gift or the calling there, but your life doesn’t add up to that. The charisma or gift will pilfer, it will destroy a person.

You are Divinely empowered with energy to take charge. Stop saying it is too difficult, you can handle it. Women you don’t need prophecy to deliver your baby, women are divinely wired to deliver their babies by God. Nobody is after you and your baby live right with God. Men Chase your life dream with a brave heart. Become tougher when it gets tough, you will get there. Be empowered with mental energy. I see it happening already!!!

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