NO ONE WANT TO HELP ME, PEOPLE ARE WICKED. Welcome to Divine-Royalty fearless motivation Life is a great lesson and will not give you what you want but what you deserve. I have seen many people who say something like; my uncle, my brother or my friend is wicked, they don’t want to help me. But today they have grown to be someones uncle, friend and brother and I have not seen what they have done to them in teams of helping them. I am not by any means saying that those who God has blessed should not bless others. In fact if you are blessed and your blessings are not blessing others, you are unimportant to God. But the most frustrating thing in life is inability to take responsibility. Or living to depend on someone else. I almost end up penurious until pain motivate me to anger and put me on the run. I take action, and become a mockery to many which landed me where I am today. I am not saying that I have arrived but today is better than yesterday. I also have a story of a new friends I meat who put his hope on his uncle, brother and friends that definitely, one of them will help him, he keep on hoping and hoping and blaming the world around him. When he bring the matter to me. This is my advice to him. 1) If you don’t take responsibility, you will end as nobody in this life. 2) Since you have being blaming people on your present conditions, what have it change? I understand that it has being nasty but you can’t continue like this. 3) God is a miracle worker; defnetly, not a magician. He knows how to bless when to bless and who to use don’t direct him and stop hunting for unessery prophecies without solution which has being in front to many churches today. 4) God created work first in garden of Eden before given woman to man when he said cultivate the garden. God’s blesses people on the hustling grand not on the comfort zone. Ps1 said; in whatever you do I will prosper. What are doing that God will prosper? 5) Among all the people God blesses in bible, they take step before God meet them. We have powerful prayer warriors who are powerfully poor because they pray without taking a positive risk. Faith with risk is delution. After speaking to him, we hold our hands together in prayer. He start sharing tears and ask me where have you been all this while. I told him that I have been arround but today is the appointed day. Today this guy is working in the airline as a cabiner or “cabin crew”. Do you want to know the secret to success? Stop blaming! Take responsibility for your life. The word responsibility is comprised of the words response and ability, meaning “the ability to respond.” If you want to master your life, you need to realize that you are in the driver’s seat. When you take responsibility for your life, you are telling the world that you aren’t a victim. We all have excuses and reasons for blaming external sources for our problems. Man must cease attributing his problems to his environment, and learn again to exercise his will, his personal responsibility. Making excuses instead of taking responsibility for one’s actions is the seal of people who fail to succeed in their personal and professional lives. Every time that you blame, you are giving away your energy. When you do so, you don’t have any ability to change your current circumstance in life. This inferior mindset results in a life of pain and suffering. You are 100% responsible for your life. Take ownership. If you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see, make a change. It’s that simple. You need to get honest with yourself. From Motivator Divine-Royalty

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1) PROFILE "DivineRoyalty"... Kingsley UcheChukwu Vincent is from Enugu STATE, Nigeria. Born in 8th May 1975 An Author, A Motivational Speaker, A coach, Trainer, Good in wealth creation and To help you discover your life purpose and an outfit that have a goal to help others build a more rewarding and successful life by teaching around the world and by providing a motivational and inspirational material to challenge your thinking, my goal is to make a positive difference in the lives of others by providing thought and inspiring words of wisdom for them to live a fulfilled life. I am passionate for what i am wired to do than to be a hindrance or force myself into what i am not wired to do. My mentality is, don't be chicken if you are created to be an Eagle, Let the bird fly. Let the fish swim. Let the seed go to the soil and succeed so that all assignment will be fulfilled. He is available for crusade. Conference and revival programs or to motivate people to forget their pains and move forward when their enthusiasm is whining down. He hold Bachelors of science degree in Theology and also Happily married to Christiana Chikodiri known as "Divine" His marriage is blessed with world changers and champions. DivineGift. Abigail and Royality.

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