LOVE IS LIMITLESS AND KNOWS NO BOUNDARY Welcome to Divine-Royalty fearless motivation. I am surprise at many of us Christians who read scripture theory without practicalizing. Christianity is nothing but love and anything outside of it is not real. Saying that this person do this to you or do that is an excuse that change you is a theological jargon. You don’t let any condition to condition your life. Be yourself master. If we said that God is our father; you don’t need to pushed to be loved. Lions don’t give birth to grasshopper. LOVE give birth to love. Ifeanyi A.C Eze said. Excuses is the cheapest commodity in a market place. Both buyers and sellers are stranded in life. Love has no boundaries, no constraints. Love is  limitless. The more it flows out, the more it flows in. It can never deplete, never get exhausted. It is self  generating. The more you give, the more you get. Love does not choose, it does not distinguish, it does not discriminate. For love everyone, everything is equal. There is no, yours or mine. To know love, you must know GOD. What we understand as love, is not love when it is limited. It is only an offshoot of desire, desire to own, desire to possess, desire to dominate. It is affection, it is infatuation, but it is certainly not love. You cannot understand, knowing GOD, knowing love, mentally, intellectually. If not Abraham would have failure. The way to God’s Love is through the heart. Only if you go beyond the mind, you will reach GOD, you will invite love. To know love, to invite love, you must first recognize, see the hatred, the anger, the selfishness in you. Once you see these devils in you, you recognize them and they go away, love will flow into you. Only then will you be at peace. And God’s love, will guide you through life. But now I think limits and fences are wrong. I will go so far as to say you can not truly love someone if you put up boundaries. At least you cannot love another with the love that Love Himself showed. God has no fences or walls that say, “As long as you follow these guidelines and stay within these painted lines I will love you and allow you to come near to me. Break one of the guidelines, however, and I will withdraw my love from you. I never see Jesus placing limits on those who approached him. Whores, thieves, tax collectors, lepers, the blind and lame, all were welcomed. The only ones Jesus sent packing were those religious leaders who were trying to put up police tape around Jesus so only those the religious thought worthy could get to him. No lepers. No whores. No poor. No beggars. No crooks. None who were too fat or had withered limbs or bleeding disorders were to get to Jesus. You have to draw the line somewhere. Yet Jesus erased that line over and over again. He held children in his lap. He ate with notorious sinners. He talked with loose women. He invited outcasts and misfits to follow him. He didn’t seem to get worked up that they crossed boundaries society had set up to get to him. Just what was Jesus thinking talking to that woman by the well? Everyone knew she was an outcast, an easy date, the kind of woman you didn’t take home to meet Mom and Dad. If anything, he should have observed proper protocol and sent another woman, like Mary or Martha, to speak to her. Jesus was a social misfit, not following community standards in many of his dealings with others. A hated Roman soldier comes to him requesting help for his ailing servant. “Show him the road!” the crowd is thinking. “This is the enemy. If there are any boundaries to put up, it’s with the godless Romans.” Jesus healed the servant with just his word. A woman caught in the act of adultery is dragged before him. “Now he has to follow the law. There is no way out of this one.” Only Jesus doesn’t condemn the woman, does he? A thief, caught dead-to-rights, is rightly sentenced to die and hangs next to Jesus. “Remember me when you come into your kingdom,” he gasps. “Here, finally,” says the crowd, “perhaps he will have the sense to use his last breath to tell this criminal where to get off.” But Jesus only invites this man, a self-confessed sinner, to spend eternity in paradise with him. I don’t see Jesus setting boundaries in love. Let’s go to our original life called love to be fulfilled. From Motivational Speaker Divine-Royalty A voice in the Emirates Website. Twitter; @royaltydivine Tumblr;DivineRoyalty Instagram;a_motivational_speaker. More blessings to you all Don’t leave without a comment

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