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Tempest is a small thing to compare with a person living without knowing why. Self awareness build your confidence and gives you clear vision, inner peace and clear understanding of where you are going. This will help you to overcome trauma. Your life is your story; write it; and edit well. Failure is life greatest lecturers and a beginning of success. For those who are praying against failure or laughing at people with failure. I am not among; because it unleash the potential in me and optimize my view. Champions sees thing differently. The question is; who are you and what direction are you going in life. TAKE A LOOK AT WHO I AM I am a MOTIVATOR, an INSPIRATIONAL Speaker/Writer. A born-again Christian, so passionate about transforming individuals through information. I hold a strong belief that reformation and transformation of society can only become reality in the presence of information and where there is no information to transform people get deform. However, it take only positive and relevant information to bring real and intended transformation. By the grace of God, my writings have undoubtedly become subjects of books, blog and biographies across the entire world. Coupled with my passion in Leadership and Personal Development, I am a conference speaker and transformational habitat where youths are equipped to become responsible for their passions in life. I am an author in view. My first book will be ready soonest. In summary 1. I write motivational and inspirational messages and share them. In Facebook, Page, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Google and website. Etc 2. I speak on Personal Development and Leadership. 3. I challenge individuals to optimize their potentials and talents 4. I empower people with mental energy that what looks impossible is possible. 5. I am a success strategists with a champions mindset. 6. I empower people to love because I discover that the heart that love is ever young and that is the secret of fountain (Holy Spirit) flow. I started in a very humble way, by becoming a student to the Holy Spirit, listening and writing down His aspirations with a fainted pen and my first ever motivational words was in my palm while at the lonely place. In between the former days of writing in my palm, in jotters, note pad and the latter days of authoring books which is almost done, building a website, Something definitely happened. Why can’t you invite me to your conference so that I tell you how it happened? Why don’t you become my friend so that you also share with me your success stories? Greater you I pray and Take the Lead! Less Any other thing am doing is to help me sharpening this purpose. The journey of this life starts with self-discovery. It will help you to understand when you are going wrongly. Don’t just be anybody but somebody. Don’t just be existing, start make a living with impact. If you are made to be lion and you chose to be an Eagle or fish, you will never produce good result because Eagle is expert in its wing and fish are champion in sweeming, while the lion is Kinging the jungle. There are many champions but in their different areas or direction. Your self best is in the purpose for which you are created. God design every one according to His assignments for the person and no matter how difficult it seems to be, you drive it joy fulfilling it because you are Divinely programme for it. Purpose is more important to God than the plans you have in the heart. Discover it because that champion is crying on the inside of you. Self-discovery can only happen when you are prepared to make the tough decisions. You will not make progress on your quest for self-discovery unless you push past the fear and doubt, and cut off from all other possibilities. Start now by forming intimacy with God.

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I am Kingsley UcheChukwu Vincent, the author of the book, Rise Above Discouragement. I am an Inspirational and Motivational Speaker, a writer and a servant of The Most High God. I am passionate about transforming individuals through my writing and speech. I hold a strong belief that reformation and transformation of society can only become a reality in the presence of life changing informations: where there is no such information people get deformed. Do follow my blog by E-mail to get my posts right in your inbox.

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