MATURITY IS ACHIEVED IF YOU IGNORE IMMEDIATE PLEASURE Welcome to Divine-Royalty fearless motivation

MATURITY IS ACHIEVED IF YOU IGNORE IMMEDIATE PLEASURE Welcome to Divine-Royalty fearless motivation. “Maturity is the ability to think, speak and act your feelings within the bounds of dignity. The measure of your maturity is how spiritual you become during the midst of your frustrations”. by “Samuel Ullman” It is easy to be abusive, freaking, rude and unkind when you are passing through stress or frustration. At that pointing time, you will notice that there are some people in this life that is delighted only in people’s downfall, painful and frustrated moment and that is only what gives them joy. They will take pleasure in adding extra nifecut instead of being a courage, an other to provoke you to misbehave. And that is when maturity will play. At that moment, friends seems to aboundon you. They will snick out from you like the pharisees in the bible. It’s when you will notice that so many people that is hovering around you are sycophants. At that pointing time. You will think that prayer is no longer answered, that God is in holidays. But it’s not true. Prayer does not remove pain. Prayer helps you to acquire grace to overcome frustration. Pain is life greatest lecturer and help you to mature in mind. So get your mind empowered with enough energy and enhances your capacity to be a problem solver. Years back, I was a person who did not handle stress or painful situations well, I was the person described above. However, God has brought me a long way and has done a lot of work in my life teaching me about having peace during the times of painful and confuse state. Learn to avoid much mistakes during painful and confusion state. We tend to like people who think like us. If you agree with someone’s beliefs, you are more likely to be friend with him. While this makes sense, it means that you subconsciously begin to ignore or dismiss anything that threatens your world views, since you surround yourself with people and information that confirm what you already think. It will help, specially as you strive for continue self-improvement, if you look at your values, being aware of the mistakes you naturally have in your thinking can make a big difference in avoiding them. Unfortunately, most of these occur subconsciously, it will also take effort to avoid them, which must be by had work, embracing self control with mental energy. When you are frustrated or angry tell your frustration (storm) how it is going to be. Sometimes I find myself saying it out loud, “I will not allow this situation to steal my peace and joy. So, (situation) I say to you that God got this, and you are NOT bigger than God” I feel silly sometimes when I say it out loud at work or in a public place (and usually look around to make sure people aren’t too close) but I have found out that speaking God’s perspective over a situation helps immensely and keeps my focus on how big (agidigbacious) God is rather than how frustrated I am at the situation, because if it is too big in your mind, it will also be too big for you to handle. Speak positive words that speak who God is during these times. You can be frustrated and still be peaceful. For me, being peaceful during frustrating days means continuing to stay connected to Christ and fully trusting that He has got this and no situation is bigger than Him (God). Speak God’s truth over a frustrating situation. It will make you to stay peaceful and joyful in frustrated time. I do believe Jesus showed us a beautiful example of speaking to our storms and using out authority (in Him) to tell a “storm” who our Father is and commanding peace over a super stressful, confusion and frustrated situation. And above all, while you are applying for solution, don’t forget to aboundon yourself in the presence of God. From Motivational Speaker Divine-Royalty

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