THE STORM AND THE WARRIOR (Divine-Royalty Fearless Motivation)

THE STORM AND THE WARRIOR Welcome to Divine-Royalty fearless motivation. Strong mind! Strong life! Many people hate storm; probably because of self dought; but Warriors are built from the struggle, formed from pain, strengthened by adversity. Develop the mindset of a warrior and stand tall against every storm call pain; past present or future! You are the boss, God created you after His class and put you inchrge. People get deform where there is no information to aspire. We all face tough times. I know i am not exempt from life’s struggles. But i know i am STRONG. No STORM can terrify me! Says Divine-Royalty! God is my president. And I am Ambassador that represents heaven here on earth. No STORM! No tornado can temper the death of my faith. Say it! Believe it!! Behave it!!! Gather momentum to embrace your challenges and push through them like the warrior you are. You are divinely designed to be a CHAMP. Make the best out of that bad situations. I see opportunities in my struggle. I grow strength from my hardships. I don’t know many friends because of different mindset. But i understand that Champions are few and I am thankful for my hard times because they make me stronger. My pain provock nugget of Wisdom in me and create my own quote out of it like no other which is one of the mark I place in this life. When read my message; you read my story and that who I am. The lion is my champion. The lion go alone without friends or leader because he is a leader. But the sheep are many and under the shepherd care. The lion may go hungrily. The sheep many grow fat in the food of the shepherd but the fastest sheep is the food of the lion. Champions with their mental energy believe that they are the storm themselves; they take now to an answer “They believe that storm is another opportunity for exploits. They never see victim as the wake minded people see. Moreover; Stormy time is the time to discover and blankets fake people around you. The worst enemy is those who romance you with love and smiles. Discover them and give them their position. They may be the reason for your delay of movement or setback. We have all met people we can tell that are fake and know how stressful they are to us, at work, at home, at school, in business field even in Christiandom or in the journey of life. Do you found it funny when you meet someone and it feels like there is something off about them? If you get that feeling, you are probably right. People who are fake are putting on a show for a number of reasons. It can be really hard to be around someone who is playing a part of trying to be something they are not. So how can you deal with someone who is fake? This is how you can handle fake people in your life so that you can move on to bigger and better things. 1) Distance them. The best way to deal with fake people is to just keep them out of your life, to begin with. If you get a bad vibe from someone, don’t stick around to see if you are right about them. Our intuition has a good way of letting us know when something is wrong. We don’t always know why, but it’s important to trust our instincts. If a fake person has made their way into your life and you are feeling stuck with them, be sure to keep your distance from them. This may difficult if the person is a close co-worker, or church member, but do your best to stay non-attached in what they are doing and don’t pay attention to them when they are looking for the spotlight. 2) Limit your engagement. If you can’t keep them out of your life, don’t ask questions and don’t engage. Let them have the floor and don’t give them the attention they want while they have it. This is really a case of choice. If you ignore them long enough and they don’t get what they want, they will go away. It might be awkward, but it is necessary sometimes to cut people out of your life completely. It’s what’s best for you and your sanity. Fake people are toxic and dangerous. 3) Remember, it’s not about you. The way fake people act has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them. Remember, they are trying to prove something to themselves and others, but when they don’t get the validation from other people, they are more likley to walk away. Don’t engage in any interactions if you can avoid it and keep reminding yourself that they aren’t lying to you, they are lying to themselves. And while it might be frustrating to deal with this kind of person, remember that they are the ones who are really suffering. 4) Go beyond. Whatever you do, don’t stoop to their level. Don’t lower yourself to participate in whatever it is that they are doing. It’s hard enough sorting your own stuff out and you don’t need to take on a project of trying to wrangle those cats into the pen. If the fake person is talking about people or trying to change perceptions, just ignore it. You don’t have to engage them to make them feel good about themselves. In fact, that just makes it worse. Validation means they can continue to act that way. 5) Point it out. When all else fails, you can point out the fact that you think the person is fake and you don’t appreciate the misrepresentation they are making about themselves. You can explain the kind of position their behaviour puts you in and that you aren’t going to tolerate it anymore. They will most certainly try to turn the mirror on you so be ready for some backlash. Just like narcissistic people, you can’t fix chronic liars, which is what fake people are: liars. 6) Dig deeper. If this person is close to you and you feel like you might be able to get through to them, ask some light and topical questions about why they act the way they do and offer to help them work through some of the things they bring up. If they don’t offer anything, don’t probe. If you’ve made a concerted effort to help them recognize their behaviour and they aren’t acknowledging it or making an effort to change, you’ll be better off moving on. 7) Ask for advice. If someone is close to you and an important part of your life, you may want to seek some professional help for dealing with your thoughts and feelings related to this person’s behaviour. Despite their best efforts, fake people can’t make you feel anything. They can’t make you adopt a thought or feel a feeling. Only you can do that. So if you find yourself feeling frustrated with a fake person, remember that those are your thoughts about that person and not the other way around. You need to be responsible for how you react just as much as they need to be responsible for how they act. In Conclusion There are lots of ways to tell if someone is being fake, not the least of which is if you get that feeling in your stomach that something’s just not right. If you get a yucky feeling in your belly about someone, it’s highly unlikely that you are wrong. Trust what you got when you meet people and if you find that someone is talking about everything except themselves, there’s a good chance it’s because they don’t want you to know anything about them. It’s a charade and it takes a lot of work to keep it going. Watch for the distractions and avoidances in your conversations and you’ll be able to tell for sure whether someone is fake or not. May God help me to be a blessing to my generation. From Motivational Speaker Divine-Royalty

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