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Love is to be genuine and unhypocritical. Many people conquered with weapons, but Jesus Christ conquered with LOVE.

I know It’s impossible for everyone to agree on the same thing or be on the same page. We live in a world where love and basic human kindness is seen as a weakness. What do we get from loving and being kind? I mean, nothing tangible, right? Love and kindness has a way of spreading. It is like a beautiful disease that I desperately wish would become an epidemic. Kindness is taking into consideration another person without expecting anything in return. When you show genuine interest in another person, you are telling them that they are seen, recognized, heard, and most importantly, they are not alone in the world. Honestly, we are all a mess. We are all flawed. The thing is that no matter how kind or genuine you may choose to be, there will be people out there who will misunderstand you or hurt you. There will be people who do things for others at the cost of themselves yet still be misunderstood. I once apply the strategy of before given you something, you must ask for it. My reason Is, if it’s not important to you, you will not value it. Still, it does not take away hurt from others. One thing I do know is that I will continue to be kind despite everything that is thrown my way. It doesn’t matter the situation I am in or how hurt I feel because at the end of the day, I am thinking about how it makes me feel good. Many times people will be coaxed into standing up for themselves. People will misunderstand and say that you allow people to take advantage of you by being too kind, but you know what? To me, you are effecting the world around you with culture of heaven. You are choosing kindness in order to show someone how to love, and that is admirable. Have you ever noticed if you are good at something, you love it? If you are bad at something, you dislike it or hate it? That goes with everything. It can be a subject, an activity, or even a person, including yourself. How do we turn something we hate into something we love? We try to become good at it. What does it take? Practice. Because we are created to correct what we hate. We tend to be our worst enemy. If we do not do something right or if we failed to succeed at something, we naturally start to put ourselves down. I realized that self-love takes practice. Loving yourself is not being selfish, it’s taking good care of the highest gift you have on earth. And if you don’t have it in you, you can’t give it out. Once you start practicing love, you will start to feel unstoppable despite the circumstance or struggles that come your way. This doesn’t mean you have to be okay with someone who hurts you, but you must learn to kindly accept what is being thrown your way with grace and faith that life isn’t always going to run smoothly. Besides, it might be the secret God is helping you. You may even call me crazy, but what the Lord always do when I minister in the pulpit is beyond my explanation and that is why I adore being kind even when it’s difficult. People will always find a way to dislike others. I am not perfect, and I will have my moments, but I will always resort to kindness. Loving yourself is the first step in loving others. We may dislike people, get easily annoyed, frustrated, or sad. Those are all normal feelings, but often times, we get consumed in the negativity, that we forget that humans being are flawed. Why do we hold things against people? Why do we hurt people? Why do we gossip? Why do we judge? Why do we not forgive? Why do we take revenge? It’s an ongoing cycle. It never seems to stop. These things will inevitably happen, but knowing that we are all flawed is what makes me want to practice kindness and learn how to love these imperfections in every individual. Humans tend to make things far more complicated than they need to be, but I guess that is what makes us intricate species. I have started to look at simplicity and admire it for what it is. I want to love everyone as best as I can. I understand that not everyone is going to love me back. Not everyone is going to understand. Not everyone is going to value my friendship. Not everyone is going to treat me the way I treat him or her. Not everyone is capable. I just don’t want to allow any of these things to disable me. I don’t want to treat people the way that they treat me, but I do want to treat them the best way I know how, regardless of how they treat me. I want to love people past their past, past their mistakes, past their flaws, and past their pride. I want to give those souls light when it’s dark because God isn’t holding me responsible for their choices, but rather holding me responsible for the light that he gave me. I just want to keep shining and love everyone anyway because life is too short to hold onto hate and our world needs more love. I have the capacity to do it because God is my father. He bring Sun and rain to everyone one in his kindness and Love, both the wicked and the righteous.

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