CAN YOUTH CORRECT AN ELDERLY PERSON?. Welcome to Divine-Royalty Fearless Motivation

Welcome to Divine-Royalty Fearless Motivation

I stumble on information if youth can correct an elderly person or people, then, I discovered that it’s working in Pari-passu, the elders is wired to correct the young one and young one can also correct the elder, the word of God which is (truth) respects no man (John the Baptist confronted king Herod with the truth)

Each of us was born with a stubborn heart, proud, rebellious nature. We like to have our own way. (when someone rebukes you for doing wrong) you don’t always fine it funny. But the truth is, it is the best thing for us. Listen to what God says about it in (2 Timothy 3:16- All Scripture is inspired by God and is profitable for teaching, for rebuking, for correcting, for training in righteousness. (Hebrews 12:11) No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.

Generally, the older a person gets the easier he can see that demanding what he wants and having things his way is not always good. However, some adults are stubborn to accept youths correction especially when they are benefiting in wrong way forgetting that Excellence is the result of habitual integrity. Be the same person privately publically and personally.

Sadly, many elders/parents today have become Esau eating with Jacobs stew and selling their birthright and also adopted the secular philosophy that elders should be one correcting children not children correcting elders. And that’s why things are not working especially in Africa. Nigeria precisely, Respecting an elderly person or inability to correct an elderly person when he is going wrong so that he will not say that you have insulted him is false humility. Especially when the wrong act is effecting you and others people. Incase you don’t know, truth need to be hard to the heart that’s stubborn to actualize a good purpose.

In our world today, a safer and more peaceful place to live since this secular philosophy has taken over, Is the Bible outdated? Are God’s ways out of touch with reality? No! The truth is God has always been right. We need to stand out to correct wrong things for the good of all.

Kindly see this few quotes

  1. There’s only two people who sin, the one that plan evil and do it and The One that see evil when it’s planned and refuse to expose or confront it. By Divine-Royalty
  2. “A mistake repeated more than once is a decision.”— Paulo Coelho
  3. Those who hide in darkness will remain in Pepetuar bondage and can never be successful, so’ destroy every darkness with light every evil with truth. By “Mazi Nnamudi Kalu”
  4. In some cases, no matter what you do, peace can’t happen unless there’s a confrontation. That is why many died for truth including Jesus Christ.
  5. Most of the right answer we are answering wrongly is the reason for the failure: by Divine-Royalty
    (Just got in dream)
  6. You are never remembered with the things you compromise, you are remembered in a thing you are ready to die

One time a go, I asked this question, since God created man and give hm willpower to choose from what is good and what is bad, why is it that when man do that which is wrong, he said that it’s the devil? And the best answer I got is that, it’s allegations to the devil, the difference between human and angel is that we have freedom to choice’ so all bad decisions are not motivated by the devil but by our self-will.

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2 comments on “CAN YOUTH CORRECT AN ELDERLY PERSON?. Welcome to Divine-Royalty Fearless Motivation

  1. This is a wonderful post. No one is immune to mistakes and when an elder makes a mistake, it important he gets corrected. Anyone can correct an elder but It is better for an elder to correct an elder to save him from the shame of having a youth throw his mistake at him. However, whoever that will correct him or her should do so with respect and in private. It is also important that the elder accepts the correction without thinking that the younger person is insulting him or her.

    • What if the elders has sale his mind to corruption and refuse to accept the corruption because he is gaining much by corruption?

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