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Kingsley UcheChukwu Vincent known as DivineRoyalty is a Property Agent, both Shipment and tourist assistant in Dubai. United Arab Emirates.

A Motivational Speaker and A high performance Success Strategist. An Outfit that have a goal to help others build a more rewarding and successful life by teaching around the world and by providing a Motivational and Inspirational material to challenge your thinking.

My goal is to make a positive difference in the lives of others by providing thought, and inspiring word of Wisdom for them to live a fulfilled life. I am passionate for what i am created to do than to be a hindrance or forcing myself where I did not fit in. My mentality is, Don’t be chicken if are created to be an Eagle.

Lion begat Lion and if Elephant give birth to grasshopper something is wrong. If God, omni-everything give birth to omni-nothing something is wrong. Let the bird fly, let the fish swim, let the seed go to the soil and succeed, so that all assignment will be fulfilled, He is available for crusade, conference and revival programs or to motivate people to forget their pains and move forward when their enthusiasm is down.

He hold Bachelors of Science Degree in Theology and also Happily married to Chrisy Divine Chikodiri, His marriage is blessed with world changers, Divine-Gift, Abigail, and Royalty.

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