MOST HEROES WERE CALLED BAD NAMES, BUT TODAY ARE CELEBRATED, Welcome to DivineRoyalty Fearless Motivation.  Are you going through insalt, mockery or maybe you have failed. We’ve all been there. Still, Bad endings portend good beginnings, failure is fun when it’s done right, it’s always darkest before the dawn. I’m sure I am not annoying you by using this word. Nobody who is down really wants to hear that stuff and yet, it’s true. We react very well to information about others. Research by Stanford University’s Rob Willer shows that we take negative gossip about others seriously because we view it as useful information that can protect us. The result is that when someone spreads false rumors about you, it’s hard to shake off that reputation. This can damage your personal and professional opportunities and it’s also extremely stressful. But successful people prove that what may initially feel like failure may just be the launching pad you need for success. So, do not panic over those who gossip around to tarnish your image, they lack the sense that the resurrection power that can not be buried is living on the inside of you, they may succeed in crucifying you with their poisonous mouth, but by so doing, they are bring you to the door step of God’s purpose for the future plans on the third day of your life, resurrection anointing will convert all their damages to the decimal point of positivity, and those who saw you as Saul will see you as Paul. So, be positive over your passion and succeed as a champion, because success is the greatest revenge and when you succeed, those who castigate you in past will celebrate you. There is a long list of champions who have lost everything and which mocker has once damage there image and later come back far stronger. So in honor of everyone who is facing mockery, shame or tough times), gain motivation and empower your enthusiasm.

My mentor Ifeanyi A. C Eze was once bombarded with all manner of word when he started teaching on prosperity. That he is leading people astray. But today those who mocked him see his teaching as blood tonic. Full of inspiration and motivational that has take many people to the zineth level. Succeeded as CEO of Kings Uncommon Wisdom LTD. An Author of 13 Books that hold the best sale in the market. And Business and Financial Services Consultant. The call him master piece and call him Wisdom bank.

My mentor Timothy Ofoegbu was once blackmailed with a letter written to Church authorities. It effected his ministry at that time, because he was publicly announced to be suspended. But it does not move his faith an inche. And today, he has soar to the greatest height and as long as Catholic Charismatic renewal is concern and Christianity, you cannot say who is Timothy Ofoegbu, unless if you are on the negative side. He is an expert in fixing broken marriage, an Author, A coach and a mentor that has trained many people today that has become gaint to the Lord Army. Still a father and a man of integrity. I was in the holy trinity Onitsha years ago in a conference. Timothy are to minister before Rv Fr Ejike Mbaka. He spoke a word of Faith. That many people will be waiting for Fr Mbaka and those who have faith will receive their miracle. Immediately he made that Utterance, the lame started working.

Thomas Edison secretly conducted experiments in his office at Western Union that got him fired.
Until one night in 1867, when he had a chemical accident at the Associated Press bureau news wire, according to
Famous Americans: A Directory of Museums, Historic Sites, and Memorials
Edison worked the night shift so he could have more time to spend on his inventions and reading. One night when he was experimenting with batteries, Edison spilled some sulfuric acid that ate through the floor and spilled onto his boss’s desk below.
He was fired the next morning, but decided to pursue inventing full-time and received his first patent two years later for the electric vote recorder,
according to

Steve Jobs was fired from Apple, the company he co-founded. His second act turned out to be bigger and better than the first.
When Jobs was in his 30s, the company he created fired him.

“I was out–and very publicly out,” Jobs said in a 2005 commencement
speech at Stanford
University. “What had been the focus of my entire adult life was gone, and it was devastating.”

Jobs spent the summer of 1985 in a
“midlife crisis”
trying to decide what he wanted to do, from entering politics to becoming an astronaut, said Alan Deutschman, author of
The Second Coming of Steve Jobs.

During his time away from Apple, Jobs co-founded computer company NeXT, which was later acquired by Apple, and launched Pixar Animation Studios. When he returned to Apple nearly a decade later, he brought the innovation of the iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

Walt Disney’s newspaper editor told the aspiring cartoonist he wasn’t creative enough.
In 1919, Disney was fired from one of his first animation jobs at the Kansas City Star newspaper because his editor felt he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas,” according to
The Wisdom of Oz

That wasn’t the last of his failures. Disney then acquired Laugh-O-Gram, an animation studio he later drove into bankruptcy. Finally, he decided to set his sights on a more profitable area: Hollywood.

He and his brother moved to California and began the Disney Brothers’ Studio, eventually creating Mickey Mouse and Disneyland and winning 22 Academy Awards.

Nelson Mandela was once called a criminal but he later succeed in becoming a South African President.

The New Yorker gave Truman Capote the boot after he insulted poet Robert Frost.
Capote dropped out of high school to become a copy boy for The New Yorker,
according to Capote: A Biography
. His lifelong dream had been to be published in the prestigious magazine.

Two years later, Capote attended a reading by famed poet Robert Frost. Sick with a cold, Capote left in the middle of the meeting. Frost was deeply insulted, and knowing where Capote worked, he demanded that the magazine fire the boy.

Getting fired didn’t hurt his career. He began to submit short stories to magazines like Harper’s Bazaar and Mademoiselle. A few years later, he published his first novel.

If Moses stopped when one of his brother ask him, do you want to kill me as you did to one of the Egyptian the other day? The deliverance of Israelite would have been procrastinated. If Nelson Mandela stopped when protestant told him that he is not obedient or humble, The leadership in him would have not manifest. Who’s voice are you listening? The passon of a Champion is the fuel that drive him. Champions mentality is always complicated and different from others! All Christian have the same spiritual DNA. Everyone who is destined to succeed in life will at some time be the subject of mockery or criticism. If you are now facing this type of abuse from people, either in your personal circle or at work, it’s valuable insight to know exactly why it’s happening so you can deal with it wisely. Mockery and criticism is a good sign, When people mock, criticize and laugh in your face, know that you are on the road to success. Josef von Sternberg once quoted the only way to succeed is to make others hate you. In reality, the cruel behavior they throw at you is indicative that you are doing well in life or that you’re disheartening them in some way. If that was not the case, they would not bother with you! It is that you are a personal threat to them that propels them to hunt you down. Hold your head up high, Refuse to see such people as big, whilst feeling small within. Thinking you’re their victim will do nothing but put you in a powerless position. These types of people are too cowardly to venture out of their comfort zones and allow their fears to keep them from chasing their dreams. The only objective mockers and critics have is to stop you from moving to greatness. So endure the humiliation of mockery and criticism. Your job is rise above it and dare to do what is right in fulfilling your destiny. Play deaf and blind, Don’t hear the criticism. Don’t focus on the disapproving looks of others. Reproaches should pass by you without a care. Be as stubborn as a mule; the mule is a stubborn self centered animal who is only concerned with his own interests. Having the mind of Christ. I see greatness smiling before you.
From A Motivational Speaker Divine-Royalty

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I am Kingsley UcheChukwu Vincent, the author of the book, Rise Above Discouragement. I am an Inspirational and Motivational Speaker, a writer and a servant of The Most High God. I am passionate about transforming individuals through my writing and speech. I hold a strong belief that reformation and transformation of society can only become a reality in the presence of life changing informations: where there is no such information people get deformed. Do follow my blog by E-mail to get my posts right in your inbox.

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