UNDERSTANDING SELF-LOATHING. Welcome to Divine-Royalty fearless motivation

Welcome to Divine-Royalty fearless motivation

Symptoms of self-loathing

People who struggle with depression or anxiety can often have a running internal monologue of self-loathing thoughts. Some of the following may be typical:

I am worthless.

I deserve the pain from my mistakes.

I deserve to be treated poorly.

I feel things differently than other people – they are better than I am. I am weak, pathetic, and too sensitive.

I am stupid for being hurt by this, and people will laugh at me if I admit that I am hurting.

I don’t deserve to be comforted.

People just put up with me.

I hurt everyone; people should stay away from me.

People expect the worst of me; why bother trying?

Everything I do is a disaster.

I can’t live up to anyone’s expectations.

I’m a failure at everything.


If you struggle with depression or self-loathing, it is important to see a therapist so that you can work together to find a combination of therapy and medication that can assist you. The following things are commonly used to interrupt negative self-talk and thoughts of despair and worthlessness:

Treat yourself the way you treat your friends. You deserve better than hating yourself.

Take a few moments and breathe deeply, breathing in your surroundings.

Do something different – stand up, take a walk, sing – to interrupt the negative self-talk.

Talk back to the negative self-talk. If it’s saying, “I’m worthless,” say “I’m awesome.”

Talk with it; exaggerate whatever the negative self-talk. Either it’ll make you cry or laugh.

Visualize yourself as a worthy person.

Question the validity of the negative self-talk.

Identify the reasons for the negative self-talk, write them down, then come up with reasons that the negative self-talk is wrong.

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